This 1 food removes plaque from the arteries and boosts blood flow

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This 1 food removes plaque from the arteries and boosts blood flow

Atherosclerosis is the buildup of plaque inside the blood vessels.

It’s generally blamed on cholesterol — but the atherosclerotic plaque also consists of calcium, protein and other elements.

In truth, cholesterol is not a major player in atherosclerosis or the serious diseases which are caused by atherosclerosis.

There are many things which play into the creation and destruction of the plaques which cause atherosclerosis leading to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Magnesium is a major player. 

Magnesium helps to keep the blood vessels free from plaque — numerous animal experiments have shown that magnesium can reverse atherosclerosis.

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These animal experiments were carried out at Tel Aviv University in Israel.

The findings were published in Biological Trace Elements Research.

These experiments are far from the first which show the beneficial effects of magnesium supplements on cardiovascular health.

“Magnesium modulates blood lipid levels, atherogenesis and atherosclerosis in rabbits, when supplemented to the diet.”

(Atherogenesis — the creation and progression of atherosclerosis.)

The Israeli researchers had previously completed experiments showing that magnesium sulfate slowed or prevented atherosclerosis in mice fed a high cholesterol diet.

“We reported that magnesium sulfate added to drinking water attenuates atherosclerosis in LDL receptor deficient mice fed a high cholesterol diet.”

In those experiments, the genetically modified mice were given high doses of magnesium sulfate.

Magnesium sulfate has actions which are separate from magnesium alone.

This study set out to see whether the effects of those previous experiments were due to magnesium itself — and if a lower dose of mag could have similar benefits.

“The aims of this study were to find out whether lower concentrations of another form of magnesium could have such an anti-atherogenic effect.”

The researchers carried out their experiments on three groups of male mice.

The mice were genetically predisposed to develop high rates of atherosclerosis. 

All of the mice were also fed a diet the researchers believed would increase their risk of developing the disease rapidly.

The only difference between the three groups was how much magnesium they received.

Group 1 received no added magnesium.

Group 2 received a low-dose of magnesium chloride in their water.

Group 3 received a high dose of magnesium chloride in their water.

“The mice received either distilled water or water fortified with low, or high-dose magnesium chloride.”

At the end of the experiments, the researchers examined the aortic sinus — a point in the system of blood vessels that tends to accumulate plaque — one of the best spots to measure atherosclerosis.

There was far less atherosclerosis in the mice given high-dose magnesium chloride.

“The extent of atherosclerosis was significantly decreased in the high-dose magnesium group compared with the control group.”

The animals given high-dose magnesium chloride in their drinking water had only 1/3 of the plaque vs animals given no magnesium.

Animals given low-dose magnesium had slightly less atherosclerosis than animals given no magnesium.

“There was also a trend towards lower atherosclerosis in the low-dose magnesium group.”

The study shows that different types of magnesium are effective at preventing atherosclerosis. 

It also shows that the effect is dose-dependent — more magnesium meant less atherosclerosis.

“Magnesium chloride fortification of drinking water is capable of inhibiting atherosclerosis – similar to that found with magnesium sulfate.”

(Magnesium chloride used in this experiment is readily available in fluid form.

When added to water, it tastes a little like salt water with a dash of liquor. But when added to carbonated water it’s surprisingly refreshing.)

Of less importance for atherosclerosis — was the significant decrease in cholesterol and triglycerides as a result of magnesium supplementation when the animals were given standard lab food.

Low-dose magnesium lowered cholesterol and triglycerides a little.

High-dose magnesium lowered cholesterol and triglycerides even more.

“Even though plasma lipid levels were similar at the beginning and end of the study, there were decreased plasma cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the magnesium groups after stage one.”

When the animals were switched over to a higher-fat “standard Western diet,” the effect of magnesium on cholesterol was nullified. 

We can be pretty certain that magnesium is not the only factor involved in cholesterol and triglycerides.

I believe what happened is that the standard western diet caused leaky gut — and the increase in inflammatory bacteria triggered an increase in cholesterol. 

One of the jobs of cholesterol is to catch these inflammatory bacteria once they leak into the bloodstream.

The benefits of magnesium for the cardiovascular system cannot be overestimated.

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These 5 “flow” foods boost magnesium and boost blood flow

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Atherogenesis inhibition induced by magnesium-chloride fortification of drinking water

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