Gut problems? This one hormone could be to blame

Middle aged man with stomach ache

This hormone attacks the gut’s biofilm, causing digestive issues, constipation, diarrhea, and more…

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Gut problems? This one hormone could be to blame

There have been great scientific technological advances over the last one hundred years.

But at the same time there has been a loss of scientific attitude in academia.

Science, you see, is never finished. Hypotheses bring theories, theories bring experiments. 

The real purpose of experiments is to try to disprove theories.

A real scientist will try to prove themselves incorrect!

But in recent times, many scientists have become rigidly attached to their theories — ignoring all of the research that disproves them.

And nowhere is the irrational dominance of theory over evidence more obvious than in the field of serotonin.

Well over fifty years ago, some researchers proposed that serotonin was a “happy hormone.”

This theory has been disproved in every which way, yet many people are still led to believe that there are great benefits to boosting serotonin levels.

People take supplements and treatments designed to send serotonin production ever higher. 

While at the same time, research into serotonin shows ever more harms caused by this substance.

For example, high levels of serotonin trigger changes in pathogenic bacteria. 

These bacteria are responsible for many human diseases, and under the influence of high serotonin they produce biofilm.

This protects themselves against the human immune system and even antibiotics.

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These lab experiments were carried out at the University of Miami in Florida. The findings were published in The Lancet.

The human digestive system contains masses of bacteria.

There’s no getting around that fact.

But the populations of bacteria and where they live in the digestive system have major effects on human health.

“Bacteria in humans play an important role in health and disease.”

Bacteria have been with us forever — our bodies play an important role in their behaviour because of the substances we produce inside the gut.

Serotonin has been widely marketed as a brain hormone — but the vast majority of serotonin produced in your body is produced in the gut.

In these experiments, researchers exposed gut bacteria to different amounts of serotonin. 

The scientists wanted to know whether this would have any effect on the behaviour of gut bacteria.

The researchers were quite surprised about just how much of an effect serotonin had on the bacteria.

But one thing stood out in particular…

Serotonin triggered the bacteria to produce biofilm.

Biofilm is a defensive structure that gut bacteria can produce — it protects the bacteria against the human immune system and against antibiotics and other treatments for infections.

“We found that serotonin stimulates the production of bacterial virulence factors and increases biofilm formation in vitro.”

The researchers moved from experiments in lab dishes onto experiments on mice.

The later experiments showed that serotonin triggers the production of bacterial biofilm in living animals.

“Serotonin increases biofilm formation in a novel mouse infection model.”

The production of serotonin is a very basic bodily response to stress and harm. 

If you eat something bad which causes vomiting and/or diarrhea — those symptoms are caused by increased serotonin.

But the marketing of serotonin as a healthy substance in recent decades has nudged many people toward taking supplements and treatments which massively increase serotonin in the body.

This research shows that the supplements and treatments could be leaving people to bacterial overgrowth. 

This type of bacterial overgrowth is linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, low testosterone, type II diabetes, and almost every other disease of the modern world.

“The research shows that regulating serotonin concentrations in the gut may provide paradigms shifting therapeutic approaches.”

This is absolutely correct.

There are already numerous different lines of research showing that lowering serotonin is of massive benefit in the fight against modern chronic disease.

The fact that serotonin causes the growth of bacterial biofilm is just one of many reasons why high serotonin is extremely bad for your health.

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