The Einstein effect by combining these 2 foods

These 2 foods boost your brain power better than anything else

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Matt Cook here, and there are so many new supplements promising better mental function…

But do they actually work?

Most of these so-called brain supplements contain stimulants and chemicals, and they’re very expensive…

And as it turns out, men can boost their brain power with 2 simple foods.

Just mix them up together and take a sip…

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The Einstein effect by combining these 2 foods

Everyone wants better mental performance.

Supplements which are alleged to improve mental performance (nootropics) are big business…

In the realm of billions of dollars per year.

Many of these are fancy new chemicals with limited safety data and questionable effects at best.

But there are safe ways of increasing your mental performance using a couple of substances that people have been consuming forever.

Caffeine and sugar combined are proven to increase mental performance.

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The human research was carried out at the University of Spain. The findings were published in the Journal of Human Psychopharmacology.

The brain needs sugar to function optimally. But many things can impair the brain’s ability to use sugar.

On the other hand, there are some substances which can help the body generate energy more efficiently…

Helping the brain to turn sugar into improved mental performance.

Caffeine is one of these nutrients which helps us to use energy more efficiently.

This study was designed to test the effect of caffeine and sugar together in some critical markers of mental performance.

“Our objective was to study the effects of consuming caffeine and glucose, alone and combined, and cognitive performance.”

The researchers recruited 36 men and 36 women between the ages of 18 and 25 for the test.

Participants were tested in the early morning.

During the tests the participants were split into a number of different groups.

Some got water.

Some got water and caffeine.

Some good sugar (glucose) in water.

Some got that same sugar water with caffeine.

30 minutes after taking the experimental drinks the participants started their tests.

This was timed to get the maximum effect of sugar and caffeine.

“On the basis of the pharmacokinetics of caffeine and glucose, the performance recordings started 30min after oral intake of the beverage.”

The participants were asked to carry out various different tests which assess the functioning of the brain and different mental processes.

The researchers found some benefit to either caffeine or sugar alone.

“Caffeine alone showed improvement in reaction times and the glucose alone improved sequential reaction time tasks and manual dexterity assembly tasks.”

But the simultaneous combination of sugar and caffeine was much more effective.

Caffeine plus sugar improved learning, verbal memory, and attention.

Major factors in mental performance.

“The combination of caffeine and glucose had beneficial effects on attention, learning and consolidation of verbal memory, effects not observed with either substance alone.”

Sugar is the fuel and caffeine helps the brain cells use that fuel more effectively.

The mental boost of caffeine and sugar is far greater than either on their own – a synergistic effect.

“The results indicate that the synergistic effects of caffeine and glucose can benefit sustained attention and verbal memory even with adequate levels of activation subjects.”

The research is a rather low dose of caffeine (75 mg), about the amount of caffeine you would find in a standard coffee.

However, the study used a rather large dose of sugar, 2.5 ounces.

If you are looking for a mental boost, then your first port of call should be coffee and some sugary food.

The research is that there are mental performance benefits from coffee aside from the caffeine content.

But as we can see from the study, (without sugar) caffeine does not have the same brain-boosting effect.

Don’t be fooled by marketing of dodgy and expensive new chemicals supposed to increase your mental performance.

There are simpler, safer ways to do this which are scientifically proven…

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Effects of caffeine and glucose, alone and combined, on cognitive performance