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Are omega fatty acids good or bad for men?

Science is a great way to learn about the world — but science is never all-knowing.

Today’s scientific discoveries can be proven wrong tomorrow.

That’s because science only provides limited information – our interpretations can be incorrect.

The science world should be able to correct its mistakes – except that breakthrough discoveries often carry a lot of weight with them.

This prestige and institutional investment in “scientific breakthroughs” can sometimes mean that even when scientific breakthroughs have been disproven – the myth persists.

One of the most damaging scientific myths is that of the “essential fatty acids”.

These are a group of unstable fats found in vegetable oils and fish oils.

In the late 1920s, George and Mildred Burr published famous papers which seemed to show that these fats were essential for health.

But a few years later these experiments were disproven…

Other nutrients, overlooked in their initial experiments…

…were found to be the essential factors in preventing disease in those experiments.

But the myth of the “essential fatty acids” continues.

Today, most of the mythology centers around the health benefits of a subset of the “essential fatty acids” – called omega-3 fats.

These omega-3 fats are said to be essential for many things – including cardiovascular health.

But time and time again research shows this is not the case.

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This human trial was carried out at Monash University in Melbourne Australia. The findings were published in The Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA.

80 years ago the best science seemed to show that all of the “essential fatty acids” were good for human and animal health.

Later, researchers split these “essential fatty acids” into two different groups – omega-3 and omega-6.

The damning evidence against omega-6 fats was too much for the scientific establishment to bear.

These fats are massively inflammatory.

So the story then switched.

The omega-6 “essential fatty acids” were now bad…

But the omega-3’s are supposed to protect against harm from omega-6.

So now people are told to eat more omega-3 fats – including taking fish oil supplements.

Some scientists are unconvinced by the theories and previous research.

Researchers in Australia decided to carry out a trial to test whether omega-3 [fish oil] supplements could help to lower cardiovascular risk.

“It still remains uncertain whether omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils) reduce cardiovascular risk.”

So the researchers created a high quality human trial.

Over 13,000 people took part in the study.

All were taking statin treatments and were considered higher-risk for cardiovascular disease.

Half of the participants took supplements of corn oil daily.

Corn oil is high in omega-6 – the inflammatory “essential fatty acid”.

The other half of the participants took the same amount of omega-3 oils.

Omega-3s are meant to be heart healthy fats.

“Participants were randomized to receive 4 g of omega-3 or 4 g of corn oil per day.”

If the dominant theory is correct, then the people taking omega-3 should have massively lower cardiovascular risk.

The researchers tracked some of the most important metrics for cardiovascular risk.

“Outcomes were measured by combining cardiovascular death, nonfatal heart attack, nonfatal stroke, coronary revascularization and unstable angina requiring hospitalization.”

The results of the study are very disappointing for people who believe that omega-3 fats can improve cardiovascular health.

The researchers found absolutely no difference between the 2 groups in terms of cardiovascular outcomes.

Cardiovascular risk is the same in people taking “heart healthy” omega-3’s as it is in those taking the same amount of inflammatory omega-6 fats.

“The trial was prematurely halted based on interim analysis that indicated a low probability of clinical benefit of omega-3 versus corn oil.”

There was no difference in terms of cardiovascular risk between the 2 groups.

In fact, the only difference the researchers found between the 2 groups was in terms of gastrointestinal adverse events.

People taking omega-3’s were far more likely to have stomach or gut problems than those taking corn oil.

Almost twice as likely to have gut problems…

The omega-6 fats contained in corn oil are themselves known to be the cause of gut problems because they trigger so much inflammation.

“A greater rate of gastrointestinal adverse events was observed in the omega-3 group.”

We hear over and over again about the alleged benefits of fish oil omega-3 fats – but the research does not support these claims.

It seems to me that lowering your exposure to omega-3 and omega-6 fats is a good idea.

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