This one metabolic tweak may stop cancer

They call it the Warburg effect

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80% of men have cancer cells in their body even if they don’t “have cancer” — can this prevent cancer from developing?

Cancer cells are always forming.

Hopefully the immune system deals with them, but often it does not.

And then the cancer cells turn into tumors — and at this point the man has a “cancer metabolism.”

Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of cancer metabolism and how to stop it.

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But his findings have been ignored again and again in the constant quest for more expensive treatments that don’t work.

They call the cancer metabolism the “Warburg effect” — Dr. Warburg found that cancer cells grow in a body lacking enough oxygen.

Low oxygen levels.

To prevent, or even reverse, cancer a man has to get more oxygen to reach the cells.

How can a man increase oxygen reaching his cells?

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This one metabolic tweak may stop cancer

When scientists were first able to start to identify genetic markers that put people at higher risk for diseases like cancer, they were excited.

Scientists thought they had found the holy grail of medicine.

People started getting genetic testing based on this research…

They began to get radical procedures like full mastectomies (removal of both breasts) in order to prevent things like breast cancer.

This is stunning, but it happened.

Because the technology was new and shiny…

The amount of emphasis put on genetics grew far bigger than the actual influence of genetics in the development of cancer.

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While certain genetic markers can put you at higher risk for cancer…

There are many other factors that are much bigger influences and much more in our control.

In a study from the University of Alabama, researchers have found that genetics don’t play as big a role with cancer as they thought.

While cancer is a genetic disease, the genetic component is just one piece of the puzzle — and researchers need to consider environmental and metabolic factors as well, according to a research review by a leading expert at the University of Alberta.

According to this research there are 3 different main causes of cancer.

Your genetics, your environment, and your metabolism.

The first is cancer as a genetic disease, focusing on the genome, or the set of genetic instructions that you are born with. The second is cancer as an environmental disease, focusing on the exposome, which includes everything your body is exposed to throughout your life. The third is cancer as a metabolic disease, focusing on the metabolome, all the chemical byproducts of the process of metabolism.

Here’s what I want you to pay attention to.

Even if you have a gene for cancer, the heritable cancers only account for 5 to 10% of all cases.

Most cancer is caused by your environment and/or metabolism.

According to the data, heritable cancers account for just five to 10 percent of all cancers, Wishart said. The other 90 to 95 per cent are initiated by factors in the exposome, which in turn trigger genetic mutations.

The reason this is important is because getting cancer or not getting cancer is something that you have much more control over than you think.

“From the prevention side, changing our metabolism through lifestyle adjustments will make a huge difference in the incidence of cancer.”

If you can change your metabolism, you can potentially greatly reduce your risk for cancer.

That’s because cancer is largely a metabolic disease.

“Cancer is genetic, but often the mutation itself isn’t enough,” said Wishart. As cancer develops and spreads in the body, it creates its own environment and introduces certain metabolites. “It becomes a self-fuelled disease. And that’s where cancer as a metabolic disorder becomes really important.”

I don’t want you to fall for the idea that your genetics determine your health outcome.

Just because your mom or dad had a disease doesn’t mean that you’ll get it.

You might, but you can lower your odds by controlling your environment and making sure your body has a healthy metabolism.

This is true of cancer.

It’s true of heart disease, and it’s true of many other diseases as well.

Personally, I’m not going to decide that any negative health outcome is “fate.”

I’m going to figure out solutions and support my overall health, so that I can live as long and healthy a life as humanly possible.

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