McGill University Discovers “Massive Increase in Lifespan”

McGill University Discovers “Massive Increase in Lifespan”

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McGill University discovers “massive increase in lifespan”

Almost every chronic disease stems from gut problems and changes in gut bacteria, including:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammatory lung diseases

So it makes sense that longevity may be affected by changes to the gut.

A new study shows dramatically increased lifespan in animals using gut-altering supplements.

These researchers worked out of McGill University in Canada and published their results in the journal Scientific Reports.

Some gut bacteria have now been shown to cause aging – and they are strongly implicated in many chronic diseases.

“Variations in the gut microbiota have been associated with age-related phenotypes.”

Supplementing gut bacteria (probiotics) can change disease outcomes.

“Probiotics have shown promise in managing chronic disease progression.”

In this study, the scientists experimented with different compounds that can affect the types of bacteria that live in the gut.

They used probiotics and a herbal preparation (more on that later) and, basically, gave probiotics and prebiotics to fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster).

Lifespan massively increased when they supplemented the fruit flies with probiotics or prebiotics.

“In flies treated with the probiotics alone or prebiotics alone, there was a significant 16- and 14-day increase in longevity.”

These flies normally have a maximum lifespan of 40 days.

Supplementation with probiotic bacteria or a prebiotic powder produced huge increases in longevity.

And then when the scientists combined the prebiotic and probiotic, lifespan increased even more.

Combining the supplements led to a more than 50% increase in longevity.

“Flies treated with the probiotic or synbiotic formulations had a 24- and 26- day increase in longevity.”

The animals treated with gut supplements were also leaner as they got older.

“By day 30, the probiotic formulation invoked a significant reduction in total weight compared to controls…”

The supplements prevented age-related sugar dysregulation in the lab experiments.

“The probiotic formulation completely rescued the elevation in total glucose by day 30.”

The bacteria that live in the gut affect blood sugar levels in humans too.

The probiotic/prebiotic supplements also rescued triglyceride levels.

These tend to rise in the flies toward the end of their normal lifespan.

“There were reductions in total triglyceride levels in the supplemented groups – one probiotic formulation reduced the total triglyceride levels to the level of newborn flies.”

Again, improving gut bacteria has similar benefits on triglyceride levels in human studies (though not quite as extreme as for fruit flies).

As part of the processes of aging and disease, our energy metabolism can become damaged – this means we are less able to recover from stress.

This experiment shows that altering gut bacteria can rescue the metabolic machinery from the aging effects of stress.

This has important applications for aging and chronic disease.

“The probiotic formulation was the most effective at reducing all the physiological markers of metabolic stress in fruit flies, while the synbiotic formulation showed almost as effective results.”

This study used some pretty common probiotic bacteria.

It also used an ancient Ayurvedic herbal remedy known as Triphala, which consists of three plants.

“The dried components of Triphala were obtained from the Ayurvedic Pharmacy at Banaras Hindu University.”

It seems that this traditional medicine has potent effects on the gut – and those translate into protective effects against chronic disease and aging.

The alteration of gut bacteria may not produce a 50% increase in lifespan for humans – but the amazing benefits of a healthy gut are beyond doubt.

“The action of the gut microbiota on each of the key risk factors of aging makes it a powerful therapeutic tool against dementia, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other age-related chronic diseases.”

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