Lowering prolactin this way gives erections a boost

This naturally lowers prolactin AND estrogen, which makes erections 10x stronger


Matt Cook here, and most men are worried about high estrogen levels…

And rightly so.

But prolactin is an even worse stress hormone for men — it can cause fat gain, erections problems, low libido, even man boobs…

And men will struggle to maintain high T as long as prolactin is high.

So lowering prolactin is the goal — and doing it this way brings erections back…

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Lowering prolactin this way gives erections a boost

The pituitary gland is a tiny organ which is situated inside the brain.

About the size of a pea, the pituitary influences bodily growth, stress, reproduction, and lactation.

Prolactin is a stress hormone produced in the pituitary.

This hormone is known for triggering the production of mothers milk.

But prolactin is also a general stress hormone

It has even been known to cause men to produce milk under extreme stress – such as in starvation and during war.

High prolactin causes knock-on effects on other hormones.

These other hormones include estrogen and testosterone, hormones which are often related to erections problems.

Men who have these erections problems respond very well to dopamine increasing substances.

Dopamine tends to increase testosterone and lower prolactin.

Making lifestyle changes to booster dopamine levels can massively improve your sex life.

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The human research was published in the journal Reviews in Urology.

Hyperprolactinemia is the medical term for high prolactin.

In extreme and rare cases, it can be caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland.

Inevitably, men with this condition suffer with severe erections problems.

“Hyperprolactinemia from the pituitary adenoma is a rare cause of ‘penile dysfunction.”

In this case report, the researchers reported treatment of a man with one such tumor.

“A 40 year old patient presented with ‘penile’ dysfunction. He was unable to attain and maintain a ‘boner,’ yet his libido was normal.”

The doctors took a scan of his penis and found that it was structurally fine.

They did find that the man had gynaecomastia – man boobs, and he had recently had a scan for a breast lump.

Prolactin is a hormone which can alter breast structure in both men and women.

Hormone panels showed low testosterone and extremely high prolactin.

“Total and free testosterone were low, while prolactin level was 396 – normal levels are 13 or below.”

A brain scan showed a pituitary tumor – the cause of his extremely high prolactin.

It probably played a role in his low testosterone and other symptoms too.

The doctors carried out surgery on his pituitary gland.

After surgery, prolactin dropped down to 90 – a significant reduction, but still extremely high.

“Following surgery, prolactin levels dropped to about 90, which indicated subtotal resection of the tumor.”

At this point, the doctors decided to take a different approach, rather than repeat the dangerous surgery a second time.

They decided to try to treat the man with bromocriptine. This is a powerful Rx treatment which boosts dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter known to produce a calm, confident and assertive frame of mind.

But dopamine is also one of the most potent prolactin antagonists – dopamine lowers prolactin.

The doctors decided to normalize the man’s prolactin levels with bromocriptine.

“Post-operative therapy with a dopamine boosting medication would be required to lower the prolactin level to normal range.”

High prolactin has many negative effects on the body – which can lead to erections problems.

Prolactin causes hypogonadism – low testosterone.

“Hyperprolactinemia induces hypogonadism by interfering with the secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone.”

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone starts the signal cascade for the production of testosterone testicles.

“The resulting decrease in testosterone is believed to be the cause of ‘penile’ dysfunction. Although there is also a direct effect of prolactin on the penis.”

(We know from other studies that high prolactin alone can cause erections problems.)

Strangely, the case report didn’t actually report the outcome for the man in question.

But it is true that treating high prolactin usually normalizes testosterone levels…

…and fixes erections problems when they are caused by high prolactin.

“When prolactin is corrected in patients with high prolactin and low testosterone, testosterone normally improves and ‘penile’ function is restored.

It’s not enough to give men testosterone if they have low testosterone and high prolactin.

The high prolactin must be treated – and this often corrects testosterone levels.

“Simply treating the patient with testosterone does not usually correct ‘penile’ dysfunction.”

And you don’t need to take pharmaceutical grade dopamine boosters in order to lower your prolactin…

(unless you have an extremely rare pituitary tumor)

Using the right amounts of supplements like taurine, creatine, and aspirin can all boost dopamine.

Coffee and daylight are also dopamine boosters.

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