Warning: Is your temperature even one degree below “safe”?

If your liver gets overwhelmed your metabolism slows down and you may get sicker and sicker

Check your temperature right now – is it 96-97°F? That may mean that something terribly wrong is happening in your gut. But here’s how to avoid this danger and possibly save your liver.

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How do you increase testosterone and thyroid?

Certain foods that we eat kill our testosterone and our thyroid levels.

These foods are what I call “bad fats”, and over 1,000 medical studies by universities ranging from Harvard University to MIT validate the fact that these bad fats lower metabolism, lower testosterone, and lower thyroid.

No wonder so many men are experiencing more and more stubborn belly fat, erectile dysfunction, and other metabolic problems.

There are more of these bad fats in processed foods today than there have ever been before.

By cutting out these bad fats, a man’s body will begin building testosterone and thyroid levels.

At that point, a man experiences more and more energy and that surge of testosterone that makes a man confident and makes his muscles hard and firm.

And that surge of testosterone helps a man perform in bed.

Here is how men can eat slightly differently and boost their thyroid and their testosterone


Warning: Is your temperature even one degree below “safe”?

The following study is truly fascinating because it reveals pretty much everything that you need to know about inflammation in your body, nitric oxide, and erection problems.

The researchers started by giving mice an endotoxin called LPS.

When food putrefies and ferments in your gut during digestion, bacteria produce endotoxins.

One of these is a very dangerous endotoxin called LPS.

Your liver has to deal with the LPS first.

When it overwhelms your liver, some of it enters your body and even reaches your brain.

The study found that the presence of LPS causes body temperature to go down.

As we get older, our livers become less functional and we also feel colder.

The daytime temperature of a healthy person should be 98–99°F.

An unhealthy person’s temperature is 96–97°F.

The biomarkers of aging tend to accumulate as we get older.

Probably the most significant biomarker of aging is reduced liver function.

An inefficient liver can’t process LPS as well. So the link between aging, liver function, LPS, and reduced body temperature is pretty clear.

Now here’s where nitric oxide comes into the picture.

As this very clever study shows, inducible nitric oxide in our brain is a defense mechanism against the ravages of LPS.

Now, I’m always telling you that nitric oxide is generally not a good thing.

I compare nitric oxide to an ambulance.

We are all glad that an ambulance is there to take us to the hospital if we get sick or injured.

But we’d rather not need an ambulance in the first place.

When Big Pharma accidentally synthesized what became Viagra, they started to talk about how wonderful nitric oxide is for men’s erections.

True, one form of erection is caused by nitric oxide, but many others have nothing to do with it.

Nitric oxide itself can be a dangerous molecule.

However, it is necessary to protect us against death.

In this study, they found that if production of nitric oxide was terminated, the mice were more likely to get sick and die.

It was very important for the mice that the poisonous endotoxin resulted in the production of nitric oxide, because of the protective role of nitric oxide.

Just as an ambulance protects against death by taking us to the hospital.

Now we understand the tie-in between aging, the liver, and nitric oxide.

We have bad stuff going on in our gut which overwhelms the liver.

That causes poisonous endotoxins including LPS to enter our bloodstream.

Our body temperature falls and we have to create some nitric oxide to stay alive.

We all might live much longer if we avoid the production of endotoxins in our body in the first place.

And you can do that with the right diet.

Everybody thinks they’re eating a good diet, but usually they aren’t.

The fundamental of a good diet is that it results in a higher, faster metabolism.

High amounts of endotoxins result in premature aging, high levels of nitric oxide, and a lower and slower metabolism (which will also cause erection difficulties).

Avoid foods that produce high levels of endotoxins.

That includes raw vegetables, too much phosphorus and not enough calcium, and starches that are difficult to digest.

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4 bad things happen if you don’t “warm up” before sex

Going in too cold is a surefire formula for poor erections and and less sensation:

  1. You don’t feel much so you thrust harder
  2. This makes you feel even less
  3. And it makes you conclude far too quickly
  4. And it makes you lose sensation, it causes you to have WORSE desensitization

I like to make sure to warm up first. Quite a lot.

Sometimes I don’t even feel like doing it. But by the time I’ve warmed up, I’m definitely feeling it.

And as you now know, warming up also kickstarts the liver, raises metabolism, and lets you live longer. Wow!

Here’s the warm-up technique that lets you last longer, feel more pleasure, and have harder erections


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5-HT2A receptors control body temperature in mice during LPS-induced inflammation via regulation of NO production https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26621247

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