Is it true? Should you eat 3 bars of chocolate a day?

Is it true? Should you eat 3 bars of chocolate a day?

Can this special “coagulation factor FVII” in chocolate increase blood flow to the penis and slash the risk of stroke?

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Is it true? Should you eat 3 bars of chocolate a day?

Chocolate contains a lot of stearic acid (a waxy, stable fat).

Stearic acid is in chocolate and animal fats (such as beef).

Scientists want to understand the effects of stearic acid on the heart and blood vessels.

In this study…

Stearic acid significantly lowered risk factors for atherosclerosis and blood clotting…

These results may partly explain why people who live beyond 100 years often have chocolate in their diets.

The Department of Food Science, RMIT University, Australia published this human study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Scientists have been researching the effects of dietary fat and cholesterol on human health since the 1950s.

“It was found that the predictive equations for dietary fatty acids on cholesterol levels were inadequate when cocoa butter was used.”

Much of the early research was flawed.

But it became clear pretty early on that cocoa butter seemed protective against many fat-induced diseases.

Cocoa butter is a great source of stearic acid.

“This was attributed to the stearic acid in the cocoa butter.”

In the 1980s, scientists discovered that clotting (thrombosis) was a much greater cause of heart problems than cholesterol.

“Autopsy studies have demonstrated that thrombotic obstruction of the coronary artery is involved in most cases of sudden cardiac death.”

This study looked at markers of thrombosis, which cause strokes.

The study also looked at markers of atherogenesis – the accumulation of fats and calcium in the blood vessels that cause heart problems and stroke, or “hardening of the arteries.”

The study recruited 13 men who were placed on one of two diets for four weeks.

“Thirteen free-living healthy males consumed two experimental diets for 4 weeks with a 7 week washout between the two dietary periods.”

One diet had a stearic acid component.

The other diet replaced stearic acid with another fat called palmitic acid.

Otherwise, the diest were identical.

“The diet contained approximately 6.6% of energy as stearic acid or approximately 7.8% of palmitic acid.”

Because the diets were similar, any differences in test results could be assigned to the differences in dietary fat.

Before the beginning of the experimental diet, the scientists ran tests. 

The researchers ran the same tests again at the end of the month.

The changes in dietary fat showed up quickly in the blood cells.

Increasing levels of the supplemented fats were found in fatty membranes in blood platelets.

“Stearic acid was increased significantly in platelet phospholipids on diet S while on diet P palmitic acid levels increased significantly.”

The most important factors for cardiovascular risk that this study tested were:

  • Mean platelet volume
  • Coagulation factor FVII activity (that’s a blood clotting thing that can raise or lower your chance of stroke)
  • Blood fat concentrations

As these factors rise, so does the risk of cardiovascular events.

Dietary stearic acid decreased the main risk factors associated with cardiovascular events.

“Mean platelet volume, coagulation factor FVII activity and plasma lipid concentrations were significantly decreased on stearic acid.”

Stearic acid seems to have a protective effect against cardiovascular events in men.

“Results from this study indicate that stearic acid (19g/day) in the diet has beneficial effects on thrombogenic and atherogenic risk factors in males.”

Stearic acid is not so widely used in processed foods.

Processed foods tend to use palmitic acid instead.

The authors suggested that processed foods should contain stearic acid instead of palmitic acid.

“The food industry might wish to consider the enrichment of foods with stearic acid in place of palmitic acid and trans fatty acids.”

The study used about 20 g a day of stearic acid.

You could find that amount of stearic acid in 60 g to 100 g of cocoa butter – or a similar amount of beef fat.

Darker chocolate contains more stearic acid…

These results might explain one great reason why cocoa or chocolate can extend lifespan in animals. (It applies to good quality white chocolate, too, in case you have allergies to regular chocolate.)

This might also explain why centenarians often claim that chocolate is a part of their daily diet.

In fact, the longest confirmed living person in history, Jeanne Louise Calment, claimed to eat a kilo of chocolate per week. About 6 oz per day!

You should always consult a healthcare professional for the treatment and diagnosis of any medical issues.

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A stearic acid-rich diet improves thrombogenic and atherogenic risk factor profiles in healthy males.

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