How DHEA supercharges your immune system

Resist viruses, infections, parasites, and more


Matt Cook here, and there’s one often overlooked hormone that can supercharge your immune system…

…boosting your body’s natural defenses to viruses, infections, and other illnesses…

This hormone is completely natural, easy to get, and most importantly, good for men.

Here’s the forgotten hormone and how to use it for superior immunity…

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How DHEA supercharges your immune system

There is an idea that testosterone suppresses immunity – leaving high-T men open to infection.

Think about that idea for a moment… It seems crazy, does it not?

The fact is that this is not true.

I have written a whole newsletter on the topic…

And the best research is quite clear that testosterone significantly improves immune function.

Other hormones have a profound influence on immunity too.

Researchers looking at the role of testosterone, and particularly DHEA…

Discovered that the combination of these two hormones is very effective at decreasing parasitic infection.

DHEA is a youth associated hormone which can raise testosterone levels.

The researchers carried out their experiments on rats infected with the parasite that causes Chagas disease.

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The animal experiments were carried out at the University of São Paulo in Brazil. The paper was published in Research in Veterinary Science.

Older people and older animals have weaker immune systems – and life stresses tend to cause decreases in essential hormones over time.

So it should be no surprise that hormones can have profound effects on immunity.

“The ability of the gonadal hormones to influence diverse immunological functions during the course of several infections has been extensively studied in the latest decades.”

The authors of this study were interested in the effect of testosterone and DHEA on the immune system.

“DHEA is an abundant steroid hormone secreted by the human adrenal cortex and it is considered a potent immune-activator.”

The researchers carried out their experiments in rats using a parasite which causes thymic atrophy.

Thymic atrophy is the shrinking of the thymus gland.

Thymic atrophy is a major problem because the thymus gland produces antibodies which are used to fight infection.

This clever parasite shuts down your defense system by causing thymic atrophy.

Thymic atrophy is also seen in aged animals and humans when they are low in zinc.

It’s a major reason why increasing age is associated with decreased immunity.

“We examined the effects of DHEA and testosterone supplementation in the thymic atrophy in rats infected with Trypanosoma cruzi.”

This parasite causes Chagas disease in humans.

The early stages are similar to many infections.

“In the early stage, symptoms may include fever, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, or swelling at the site of the bite.”

But unlike something like the flu, the later stages of Chagas disease can be drawn out over many years and end up in death.

“Up to 45% of people with chronic infection develop heart disease 10–30 years after the initial illness, which can lead to heart failure.”

The researchers looked at numerous markers of immune system function in animals given DHEA + testosterone…

Versus those not given supplemental hormones.

“We compared the effects of DHEA and T on blood parasitism, thymocyte proliferation, TNF-alpha and IL-12 levels.”

They found that DHEA boosts the effectiveness of thymus cells – increasing the body’s ability to fight infection.

Animals given DHEA also had lower levels of TNF-alpha.

TNF-alpha is a dangerous inflammatory protein which is elevated in infection, and causes many of the disease symptoms.

“DHEA treatment triggered enhanced thymocyte proliferation as compared to its infected counterparts and reduced production of TNF-alpha during the acute phase of infection.”

The research shows that the combination of DHEA and testosterone boosts immune system function.

“The combined treatment testosterone and DHEA improves the effectiveness of the host’s immune response.”

Animals given these two powerful hormones had lower levels of the parasite in their blood.

“DHEA+T reduces blood parasite levels.”

Hormones like DHEA, testosterone, and estrogen have massive effects on your immune system.

The hormonal effects on immunity are almost completely overlooked by the medical establishment.

Most people can significantly improve their immunity with taking some small steps to optimize their hormones and nutrition.

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Confused? Can supplements raise your testosterone and DHEA levels?

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DHEA and testosterone therapies in Trypanosoma cruzi-infected rats are associated with thymic changes