Here’s what eating dairy does to men’s testosterone levels

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Read this before your next slice of cheese!

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Here’s what eating dairy does to men’s testosterone levels

Many people say that it’s best to avoid eating dairy foods.

One of their concerns is estrogen found in dairy — an inflammatory hormone that most people need less of.

Sure, dairy foods contain trace amounts of estrogen — so some people say that this is a good reason to avoid dairy.

But they’re not looking at the full picture…

Dairy is by far the best source of dietary calcium.

It’s very difficult to avoid a calcium deficiency without eating dairy or taking calcium supplements.

The problem with calcium supplements is that they do not contain vitamin cofactors which are essential for calcium metabolism — dairy contains all these cofactors.

And calcium supplements are often hard on the gut.

But it’s essential to get a lot of calcium — because calcium lowers the body’s own production of estrogen — which is a far greater source than the estrogen contained in milk and cheese.

What’s more, estrogen is made from testosterone.

So eating lots of dairy will keep your testosterone higher and estrogen lower.

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The animal experiments were carried out at Fujita Health University School of Medicine in Japan.

The results were published in the journal Metabolism.

Estrogen causes many problems. It is central to penile limpness, obesity, and prostate troubles.

This work was researching the role of estrogen in bone mineral density.

Bones are made up mostly of calcium which comes from the diet.

If you don’t eat enough calcium, bones will become brittle. 

Most people know that older women are particularly susceptible to brittle bones.

This is because estrogen gets out of whack with other protective hormones as they age.

So this study was designed to look at the effect of dietary calcium on estrogen levels.

The research was carried out in a number of different groups of male lab rats.

Some of the lab rats were given plenty of calcium in their diet.

Other rats were fed a diet that had very little calcium — leading to a calcium deficiency.

“Rats were divided into two groups according to diet: a calcium deficient group, and a regular diet group.”

The rats which were not given enough calcium developed brittle bones — which was no surprise.

“The calcium deficient diet reduced bone mineral density by 12%.”

The surprise was that low calcium led to MASSIVE increases in estrogen.

Estrogen levels were more than four times higher in rats which did not get adequate calcium.

“The mean estrogen level in the blood of rats fed the calcium deficient diet was significantly increased to 4.3 times that of the normal diet group.”

That massive increase in estrogen will cause more problems than just brittle bones. 

That is a serious threat to your entire body.

Vitamin K and vitamin D helped to lower estrogen a little in the calcium deficient rats. (Both found in cheese.)

The researchers set about finding the cause of high estrogen in the low calcium rats.

They discovered key changes to a major enzyme in the testicles of the animals.

Low calcium was causing elevated aromatase.

Aromatase is an enzyme which changes testosterone into estrogen.

The low calcium diet led to the destruction of testosterone and skyrocketing estrogen — a recipe for disaster.

“Testicular aromatase activity was significantly increased by 2.4-fold in the calcium deficient diet group compared to that in the regular diet group.”

In the rest of the body, aromatase was 45% higher in low calcium rats.

Aromatase is particularly active in fat tissue — so this problem will be amplified in men with more body fat.

(Calcium deficiency also causes weight gain.)

The researchers discovered that calcium causes brittle bone by increasing estrogen levels.

But the increase in estrogen will affect more than bones.

It is essential that you get enough calcium — AND the cofactors — which are all contained in cheese.

Most are found in milk too. 

The trace amounts of estrogen found in dairy are a drop in the ocean compared to the skyrocketing estrogen levels caused by calcium deficiency.

Dairy foods help to lower estrogen and protect testosterone.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about trading diagnosing health-related problems.

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A calcium-deficient diet caused decreased bone mineral density and secondary elevation of estrogen in aged male rats-effect of menatetrenone and elcatonin