Here’s what they don’t tell you about drinking water in the USA

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Here’s what they don’t tell you about drinking water in the USA

It is no surprise to most people that tap water isn’t exactly great to drink. 

The authorities tend to assure people that it is perfectly “fine” to drink, but typically it won’t be a glowing endorsement. 

Bottled water can be better in many ways, but the plastic of the containers will generally leach into the water…

…creating other problems with plastic particles which can act as endocrine disruptors.

At any rate, those plastic particles are typically present in tap water as well, as with everywhere else in the environment. 

Knowing the importance of the thyroid gland and the thyroid hormone, it’s not reassuring to know that…
…there is a presence of several antithyroid compounds in most tap water, especially in the so-called “developed world.”

For example, fluoride is voluntarily added to the supply of drinking water in an ill-advised effort to improve oral health…

Even though there is abundant evidence showing fluoride to be a potent thyroid inhibitor.

That being said, most of the contaminants in the water supply originate from industrial byproducts. 

One such contaminant is perchlorate, a chemical compound which is a byproduct of the pyrotechnics and military industries. 

Perchlorate is a known thyroid inhibitor. 

A new study published in May 2020, has found that the acceptable safe concentration of perchlorate in drinking water is 10 times less than what was previously thought.

“The data reveal that (perchlorate) pollution in drinking water is more dangerous than previously thought.” – Llorente-Esteban et al.

However, this is not a new development.

Back in 2008, California’s Department of Toxic Substance Control was already aware of the dangers of perchlorate in drinking water and its effects on the thyroid gland. 

Thyroid hormone plays a fundamental role in the development of children and maintenance of optimal health. 

If it is suppressed by contaminated drinking water, then it is a very serious problem indeed.

Over the past decade, the EPA has not enforced sufficient regulations, possibly because of industrial lobbying and regulatory capture.

As of 2020, things have not improved:

“In May 2020, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ruled not to place regulations on the amount of perchlorate that can be allowed in drinking water. The findings from the new study strongly suggest that this environmental pollutant is more hazardous than previously thought, raising serious concern about the decision.” –

Once again, this confirms the necessity of using quality water filters and avoiding tap water use as much as possible. 

It shouldn’t be this way, but for now, this is the best measure to protect your thyroid and overall health.

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Nearly 89 bottles and pieces were examined using x-ray fluorescence spectrometry, and 76 had low levels of lead and 55 had positives for cadmium.

Chromium was also identified in bottles, up to 40% in brown bottles specifically.

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