Dangerous practice deletes pleasure neurons — here’s how to reverse it

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This 2-second technique can reverse it and create those “towel hangers” you remember as a young man

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Dangerous practice deletes pleasure neurons — here’s how to reverse it

When I was a younger man, I remember the feeling of being terrified to go on dates.

The fear was so overwhelming that sometimes it would freeze me into doing nothing.

I struggled with erections and I was always worried about what would happen when me and my date got into bed.

My brain would turn over and over again with questions….

“What if things don’t ‘work’ down there?”

“Will she laugh at me?”

“Will she leave me?”

I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform and would beat myself up when “it didn’t happen.”

This is really common for guys.  And once this kind of thing happens it can get stuck in a man’s head and keep him from moving forward in his life. 

That’s because our brains often get “anchored” in negative memories.

The harsh reality is that negative emotions create strong pathways in our brains that can keep us from moving forward.

But… there are techniques that can not only fix “rockiness” problems, but can help you move past the mental blocks that keep you stuck. 

I know.

I’ve used them myself and helped thousands of other men use them too.

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Why Our Brains Hang Onto Negative Memories

There are a lot of ideas about emotions that make it seem like our emotions are somehow separate from the rest of our bodies.

But when we experience a frightening or negative situation, it gets “encoded” with physical pathways in our brains.

In an experiment, researchers put mice in a frightening environment and then recorded the activity in the fear center of their brain.

Then they recorded the activity in their brains the next day when the mice retrieved the memories.

What surprised the researchers was that the neurons that encoded the memory were synchronized with the neurons in the brain’s fear center.

Unsurprisingly, neurons that respond to the frightening environment send that information to the brain’s fear center.

“What was surprising was that these neurons were synchronized when the mouse later recalled the memory,” Hen says.

This creates a pathway that brings up fear whenever the mice are in a similar circumstance.

“We saw that it’s the synchrony that is critical to establish the fear memory, and the greater the synchrony, the stronger the memory,” Jimenez adds. “These are the types of mechanisms that explain why you remember salient events.

These pathways that develop around negative emotions are very real structures in your brain. They aren’t made up and they aren’t something you can just “will away.”

You have to use different techniques that help you develop NEW pathways and let the old pathways sort of “grow over.”

Think of it like a path in the woods. If you use the path every day, you will see that it becomes clearer and more worn.

But if you stop using the path, then within 1 or 2 seasons, the path will be overgrown and you won’t know it’s there anymore.

If you are suffering from sexual dysfunction-induced fear — like I was — you need techniques that will help you to minimize the fear paths in your brain and create new paths.

My troubles with erections have led me on an incredible journey.

I’ve discovered how most men (including myself) can reverse rockiness.

I’ve also helped thousands of men who have had radical prostatectomies or other medical conditions that cause permanent sexual dysfunction to have amazing intercourse – with or without rockiness.

You don’t have to suffer with shame, embarrassment, and fear because of sexual dysfunction issues.

But… you do need to take action that will help those pathways in your brain “grow over” and form new ones.

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