Crazy but true – this essential oil can give men breast cancer

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Just breathing it in is enough to do damage!

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Crazy but true – this essential oil can give men breast cancer

Plants cannot run away, bite, kick, or claw like animals do.

It might seem that they are defenceless, easy pickings as a food source.

This is not the case — plants have very well developed defences.

Instead of using kinetic methods like animals — plants use chemical warfare to defend themselves.

Some plants might kill you straight away — but this is rare.

Often, plant toxins take a long time to have their effect.

One of the most common defensive mechanisms plants have is in increasing estrogenic activity in their victims.

Estrogen is inflammatory and will cause diseases over the long term.

But it can also cause sexual problems in men and women — leading to lower fertility and less likelihood of those plants being eaten by people in future.

You don’t even have to eat them — many of the plant fragrances we use have potent estrogenic effects when inhaled.

They cause the growth of breasts in boys — and no doubt do the same in men.

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The human research was carried out at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), in North Carolina. The article was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Before this paper was written, there were a number of case reports of breast development in young boys and early breast development in female children exposed to lavender fragrances in the home.

“Previous case reports associated prepubertal gynecomastia with lavender-containing fragrances, but there appear to be no reports of premature thelarche.”

This paper set out to investigate other cases — to see if there was more evidence for this effect.

“We wished to add to a case series about lavender-fragranced product use and breast growth in children and to measure endocrine-disrupting chemical activity of essential oil components.”

Endocrine means hormonal — these plant fragrances can disrupt hormones.

The researchers identified a number of people who had been suffering from these hormonal problems and who had also been exposed to lavender products.

The participants of the study were evaluated by hormone specialists at a couple of different hospitals.

Researchers also carried out the cell experiments looking at the effect of lavender and other essential oils on hormone production by cells.

It seems that lavender may indeed cause the growth of breasts in young girls and boys.

“Three prepubertal girls and one boy with clinical evidence of estrogenic action and a history of continuous exposure to lavender-containing fragrances were studied.”

To test this, they simply had the families remove all lavender and essential oil containing fragrances from their homes.

Removing the offending estrogenic plant compounds solved the problem.

“Breast growth dissipated in all patients with discontinuation of the fragranced products.”

The fact that removing these essential oils from the environment preceded the resolution of the health problems indicates that they were indeed the cause.

The cell experiments also supported this idea.

These natural fragrances increased estrogenic activity — this itself could lead to the growth of breasts in males and females.

But the fragrances also had anti-androgenic effects — this means that they block the action of male hormones.

This would, in effect, feminize men and boys.

“Some of the components tested elicited estrogenic and antiandrogenic properties of varying degrees.”

Breast growth in men — called gynecomastia — is an increasingly common problem.

We know that it can be caused by estrogenic foods — and foods which otherwise suppress male hormones and a healthy metabolism.

But this type of research shows that male breast growth could also be caused by chemicals in the air.

Some of these plant compounds have feminizing effects even in minuscule concentrations.

Most plants don’t want to be eaten or otherwise used by humans — their chemical defense is often a hormonal attack.

The obvious exception to this fruit — the purpose of fruit is to be eaten — so that animals like humans will spread the seeds.

For all other plant products — I assume they are estrogenic unless proven otherwise.

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Lavender Products Associated With Premature Thelarche and Prepubertal Gynecomastia: Case Reports and Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical Activities