Defeat insulin resistance and avoid diabetes

This natural plant compound blocks insulin resistance

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Defeat insulin resistance and avoid diabetes

Matt Cook here, and aspirin belongs to a class of compounds called salicylates.

Plenty of plants contain natural salicylates – willow being the most well-known herbal remedy to contain them.

Salicylates like aspirin are known for their anti-inflammatory effect.

This is an effect which confers benefits beyond reducing sensations of pain and inflammation.

Researchers looking into these effects found that salicylate blocks insulin resistance by limiting fat-induced inflammation.

Insulin resistance often happens before people develop full-blown type II diabetes…

…and the researchers believe this new mechanism may reignite the interest in salicylates in the treatment of metabolic diseases.

There were some very promising studies using aspirin and other salicylates in humans with diabetes many decades ago…

Studies that are all but long forgotten now.

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The animal experiments were performed at Yale University School of Medicine. The paper was published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Insulin resistance usually happens before people develop full-blown diabetes.

Researchers are unraveling the biochemical cascade behind this effect.

“Insulin resistance is a major factor in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes and may involve fat-induced activation of a serine kinase cascade involving IKK-β.”

This serine kinase cascade involving IKK-β is an enzyme cascade.

This cascade triggers inflammation involved in many diseases – including insulin resistance and type II diabetes.

The researchers carried out some experiments on rats looking for changes in this inflammatory enzymatic cascade during diabetes and insulin resistance.

The researchers gave the animals an injection of fats into the blood. These fats interfere with blood sugar and the action of insulin.

(This effect of fat in the blood is largely responsible for insulin resistance and plays a major role in diabetes.)

“We first examined insulin action and signaling in awake rats during hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamps after a lipid infusion.”

The researchers injected fat into rats, some of which had been given salicylates.

Salicylates may block the inflammatory cascade (IKK-β) which researchers believe is responsible for insulin resistance.

“This was done with or without pretreatment with salicylate, a known inhibitor of IKK-β.”

The researchers carried out real-time blood tests on the animals, looking at how well they handled blood sugar during the experiments.

“Whole-body glucose uptake and metabolism were estimated using glucose infusion, and glucose uptake in individual tissues was estimated during the clamp.”

Increasing the amount of fat in the blood causes insulin resistance – decreasing the ability of insulin to clear blood sugar.

“Here we show that lipid infusion decreased insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in skeletal muscle.”

Fat-derived inflammation triggered insulin resistance was prevented by the use of salicylate.

“Salicylate pretreatment prevented these lipid-induced effects.”

Previous human studies have shown that salicylates like aspirin have the same effects in humans.

The researchers carried out a further set of experiments on mutant mice.

These mice lack the gene to produce the inflammatory enzymes in response to high levels of fat in the blood.

“To examine the mechanism of salicylate action, we studied the effects of lipid infusion on insulin action and signaling during the clamp in awake mice lacking IKK-β.”

The researchers discovered that these mutant mice did not develop insulin resistance.

This shows that the effect of salicylate is on these inflammatory enzymes.

“Unlike the response in wild-type mice, IKK-β knockout mice did not exhibit altered skeletal muscle insulin signaling and action following lipid infusion.”

Salicylates like aspirin can help to prevent insulin resistance and even type II diabetes by reversing inflammation caused by high levels of fat in the blood.

“In summary, high-dose salicylate and inactivation of IKK-β prevent fat-induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle by blocking fat-induced defects in insulin signaling and action.”

Previous studies had shown benefits using salicylates in people with metabolic disorders…

…but this is the first time this mechanism has been uncovered.

“This effect of salicylate represents a potentially novel class of therapeutic agents for type 2 diabetes.”

A little aspirin is good for most people. But it is a blood thinner and high doses can be risky in certain situations.

It depends on the individual whether they can safely tolerate enough aspirin to improve their insulin resistance and diabetes.

Aspirin can be dangerous in combination with other blood thinners.

But remember that the root of the problem here is high levels of fat in the blood.

This is naturally caused by something called free fatty acids – and these can be addressed without aspirin.

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Prevention of fat-induced insulin resistance by salicylate