Why is this man living to 112

This is how he’s living longer than so-called longevity experts

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Two men, one struggling, one living to 112 — what is the difference?

Modern Day Longevity Experts: “So my last meal is 3/4 of this rare virgin Cambodian mushroom, an almond, and 87 different supplements, at noon. I may live past 88…”

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Everyday man like Richard Overton, 112 years old: “I enjoy smoking cigars and drinking whiskey every day, and sitting and relaxing on my front porch.”

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This good bacteria slows down the aging process

Matt Cook here, and many people know that bacteria can cause health problems…

But the profound effects of bacteria on human health are often wildly underestimated.

Bad bacteria can cause cardiovascular disease, depression, low testosterone, dementia, obesity, and type II diabetes.

But by the same token, good bacteria can have profound effects on our health.

This is partly due to the fact that good bacteria produce natural antibiotics which kill off the bad bacteria that cause health problems.

Researchers have even shown that certain bacteria can slow aging – increasing testosterone and the visual signs of youth.

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The animal experiments were performed at the University of Notre Dame. The paper was published in BMC Microbiology.

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut

And about a 100 years ago, some health gurus were speculating about a potential bacterial problem coming from the gut…

A problem which they were not yet able to identify.

They named the theoretical bug endotoxin, and its existence was later proven by science.

Many of the beneficial effects of probiotics are due to their endotoxin-lowering properties.

After 1000s of years of observing the effects of the gut and human health…

…we are still really just at the beginning of understanding how bacteria affect us.

“The gut microbiota is playing more important roles in host immune regulation than was initially expected.”

This research involved looking at the effect of specific probiotic bacteria on markers of health and aging.

“We screened our collection of probiotic lactic acid probiotic bacteria for their efficacy in modulating host immune response.”

The research assessed a few dozen potential probiotics and decided to carry on their experiments in a couple of promising candidates.

Some of these bacteria were able to suppress TNF-α production in human cells.

TNF-α is a very problematic inflammatory protein which plays a large role in chronic disease.

“Some probiotic bacteria are characterized by suppression of TNF-α added to human cells, demonstrating their anti-inflammatory potential.”

The researchers carried out their experiments on rodents which were given the number of strains of L. reuteri.

This is a bacteria which is found in the human gut.

It is used to make sourdough breads – and there is a lot of research showing its benefits in humans and animals.

“We chose the Lactobacillus reuteri BM36301 as an anti-inflammatory.”

The probiotic bacteria were added to the drinking water of the animals.

“We supplied mice with these bacteria in drinking water while feeding them a standard diet for 20 weeks.”

The researchers found that this strain of probiotic bacteria increases testosterone levels in male mice.

The male mice also gained less weight when given the probiotic.

“Males treated with anti-inflammatory L. reuteri experienced less weight gain and higher testosterone levels.”

Levels of TNF-α (a highly problematic inflammatory protein) were significantly decreased in female animals given the probiotic.

Females also showed increased signs of youth – with healthier skin and rapid hair growth.

“Females treated with L. reuteri maintained lower serum TNF-α as well as healthier skin with active folliculogenesis and hair growth.”

The research shows that specific probiotic bacteria can decrease inflammation and slow, perhaps even reverse aging.

“The L. reuteri BM36301 was selected as an anti-inflammatory strain in vitro. It helped mice maintain healthy conditions as they aged.

Other studies indicate that many of the beneficial effects of L. reuteri likely occur because of an antibiotic effect that this bacteria has in the gut.

L. reuteri can break down biofilms which protect harmful bacteria that cause disease.

The probiotic also produces numerous antibiotics which kill bad bacteria, as well as disease-causing yeasts, molds, and fungi.

“These findings propose the L. reuteri BM36301 as a potential probiotic strain to improve various aspects of aging issues.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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