Why you should never get too hungry

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It’s dangerous to go hungry — here’s why

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Why you should never get too hungry

At the core, we need energy to stay alive.

The various systems of the human body are reliant upon a constant flow of energy which essentially comes in the form of dietary calories.

In the western world, most people already eat too many calories. 

They get way more than they need, and this has obviously been one of the factors of the rampant levels of obesity.

Over the past 3 or 4 decades, this has led many people to embrace calorie restriction ideas.

On the surface, this can seem like a good thing.

However, there is a dark side to this situation… 

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Prolonged calorie restriction, as we’re now seeing with various fasting fads, is fundamentally at odds with optimal health.

Calorie restriction, in the long term, is associated with the suppression of baseline energy production, or metabolism, and an accompanying decline in quality of life.

A good metabolism is characterized by a warm temperature and robust pulse.

Conversely, people with an impaired metabolism often have a low pulse, sluggish demeanor, and cold body temperature.

Long-term CR with adequate nutrition in lean and weight-stable healthy humans is associated with a sustained reduction in core body temperature. – Soare et al. (2011)

The common school of thought links calorie restriction with longevity, but this is a very reductionist form of thinking.

A lower body temperature (and metabolism) means everything in the body is running at a lower level, because there is less energy available.

All the higher/superficial functions, like intelligence, libido, scalp hair, and skin quality are negatively affected.

In men, in particular, long-term calorie restriction is associated with significantly lower testosterone levels

Most men know that their quality of life is considerably improved with optimal testosterone levels.

Clearly, we should approach calorie restriction with extreme caution.

It can have benefits in the short-term, but as a long-term strategy it’s probably incompatible with optimal health.

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