This weakens pain sensors in the brain so you feel better

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Scientists are saying you can actually “train” your brain to not feel pain anymore…

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This weakens pain sensors in the brain so you feel better

If you want to become a marathon runner, you have to spend a lot of time training and building up the capability of your body to run long distances.

(It’s not something I recommend, by the way. But people do it.)

Amazingly enough, even though most people don’t run marathons, most people CAN if they train appropriately.

That’s because the human body is incredibly adaptable and able to increase its capacity for specific types of work when it’s challenged to do so.

Our brains work the same way as our bodies – they can be trained to achieve things that most people think are impossible…

From remembering long strings of random numbers, to recalling 28 chess boards at a time.

But one of the most remarkable things we can train our brains to do is BEAT chronic pain.

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I know this sounds a little on the woo-woo side…

And I can pretty much guarantee that, unless you are lucky to have an osteopath as a doctor, you’ve never heard of this.

New studies are showing that, with the right training, the brain can ELIMINATE chronic pain…

Even for people who have damage to their body that continually produces pain.

It all has to do with neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to rewire itself.

The brain “assigns” certain areas to certain tasks – often taking away resources from other tasks.

That’s why our brain often seems to go on sabbatical when we are in pain, often causing problems with thinking.

“As he analyzed the areas that fire in chronic pain, he observed that many of those areas also process thoughts, sensations, images, memories, movements, emotions, and beliefs when they are not processing pain.”

“ That observation explained why, when we are in pain, we can’t concentrate or think well; why we have sensory problems and often can’t tolerate certain sounds or light; why we can’t move more gracefully; and why we can’t control our emotions very well, become irritable, and have emotional outbursts.”

But what if we could use this ability of each pathway in the brain to be used ONLY for one thing at a time to help us reduce the amount of pain we experience?

This was Dr. Moskowitz’ breakthrough idea.

“Moskowitz’s inspiration was simple: What if he could use competitive plasticity in his favor? What if, when his pain started – instead of allowing those areas to be pirated and ‘taken over’ by pain processing – he ‘took them back’ to their original main activities by forcing himself to perform those activities, no matter how intense the pain was?”

The results that Moskowitz gets are AMAZING.

His basic technique is to force the brain to do something else in PLACE of the pain it is normally experiencing.

It’s similar to techniques used to form a new habit – like going to the gym or hanging up a coat – but used instead to eliminate pain.

“Moskowitz decided the brain needed counter stimulation. He would force those brain areas to process anything but pain, to weaken his chronic pain circuits. Years as a pain medicine specialist had fixed in his mind the key brain areas he was targeting. Each of them could process pain and do other mental functions and he listed what each did, other than process pain, so he would be prepared to do those things while he was in pain.”

As he practiced the technique (and it does require practice) his brain learned to replace the pain activity with new types of activity.

This weakened the pain connection so that eventually he achieved zero on the pain scale.

Zero is absolutely remarkable!

“…within a year he was almost always pain-free, his average pain 0/10. If he had a brief relapse (usually from his neck being in a weird position, after a long drive, or having the flu), he was able to get his pain down to 0 in a few minutes. His life was totally changed after 13 years of chronic pain. During those 13 years, his average pain had been 5/10, but could range up as high as 8/10 – even on medication. And even his best days were 3/10.”

What’s really interesting is that these techniques are very similar to those we’ve been using for years with our students – not for pain but to restore sexual function.

Rewiring the brain in a very controlled way can be super-powerful for many things – and can even eliminate pain.

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