This is stopping “tired all the time” and boosting bedroom stamina

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Believe it or not, sleep and sexual performance go hand-in-hand…

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This is stopping “tired all the time” and boosting bedroom stamina

Today I want to help you sleep better and live longer…

So…in a recent study, scientists showed that rats who were fed a diet high in prebiotics (not the same as probiotics) slept better and had better overall gut health.

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What are prebiotics?

I rarely recommend taking probiotics anymore. 

I used to recommend them all the time, but they can negatively “reset” your gut microbiome and cause problems. 

What is sometimes better is using prebiotics. This is a fancy way to say “food for gut bacteria.”

“They’re essentially compounds that feed the friendly bacteria in the gut. They are largely fermentable carbohydrates – meaning us humans cannot digest them. Prebiotics help nourish gut bacteria so they can better thrive.”

Prebiotics are found in foods (such as fruit) that offer healthy fiber and let your gut bacteria help protect your body.

Advice from Hannah D. Holscher, assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois:

“To remember the difference between probiotics and prebiotics… When I think about prebiotics, I remember the ‘e’ for the energy they provide for gut bacteria. And for probiotics, I think of the ‘o’ for organisms in the gut microbiome.”

Rats fed a “standard” diet had their gut microbiome suppressed.

In this study, rats were fed a standard diet and exposed to stress. 

The researchers found that the standard food + stress = a drop in the diversity of their gut microbiome.

“While rats eating standard chow saw an unhealthy flattening of the body’s natural temperature fluctuations and a drop in healthy diversity of their gut microbiome after stress, those fed prebiotics were buffered from these effects.”

The problem is that when the gut microbiome becomes less diverse it can lead to lowered immunity, and overall health problems – including “rockiness” problems. 

That’s because how well the penile member functions is a good indicator of overall health.

Rats fed prebiotic food slept better and had better stress recovery.

But… Rats that were fed a diet high in prebiotics had better sleep and didn’t have the suppression of their gut microbiome.

“As reported in the researchers’ previous study, those on the prebiotic diet spent more time in restorative non-rapid-eye-movement (NREM) sleep. After stress, they also spent more time in rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep, which is believed to be critical for recovery from stress.”

Prebiotics seem to create a physical barrier against stress by protecting the gut microbiome. 

When you use them, stress seems to bounce off of you more easily.

How to add prebiotics to your diet and support your overall health…

One of the best ways to get prebiotics into your diet is to eat a lot of fruit. 

And when I say a lot of fruit, I mean A LOT. 

You want to eat fresh, ripe fruit. You can also cook frozen fruit.

I eat fruit with nearly every meal and often as a snack. 

The fiber in the fruit is a powerful prebiotic and can greatly improve your gut. 

Improving your gut can also improve your sleep as well as your overall health.

Like I said at the beginning, gut health is also critical to good erections and eating fruit (believe it or not) often helps.

Keeping yourself as healthy as possible in order to prevent disease is so important. 

Eating fruit is an excellent way to do that.

Ideal fiber is in fact not feeding dangerous bacteria. I avoid “resistant starch” — but today’s newsletter has a better way…

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