The truth about the dangers of 5G — and how to protect yourself

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EMF or electromagnetic frequencies can hurt you — but doing this protects you from harmful radiation

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The truth about the dangers of 5G — and how to protect yourself

EMF, or Electromagnetic Frequencies, have been a growing concern over the past several decades…

And even more so in recent years, with the happening of 5G networks everywhere.

The frequencies are produced by powered devices all around us.

Cellphones, bluetooth devices, computers, tablets, electricity meters, etc.

To say nothing of cellphone towers or electricity power lines or all of your neighbor’s WIFI signals.

They are everywhere.

But they are also a fundamental part of life, and are present in nature.

The problem is the rapidly increasing frequency load in recent years.

EMFs are by nature, a source of radiation.

It is intuitively known that sticking a cell phone right next to your brain for hours on hand is probably not good for health.

At the same time, many ‘’experts’’ have been telling us that the type of EMF produced by human-made devices is ‘’safe’’ and cannot harm us.

We’ve seen this story play out before.

Whether it’s pesticides, lead in gas, or cigarettes, we’re constantly told that things are safe until they aren’t.

In many ways it’s a gigantic large-scale human experiment we’re all being subjected to.

And you can bet it’s affecting our bodies in very real ways:

EMFs [have] been shown to cause DNA damage over and over, “at levels of EMF exposure equivalent to those resulting from typical cell phone use” – Nicolas Pineault (2017)

In his “Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs,” Nicolas Pineault goes over scientific studies and provides a very clear overview of the dangers associated with our constant exposure to EMF.

To make matters simple, let’s focus on a simple actionable way to protect ourselves from the effects of EMF: calcium channel blockers.

You may recognize the name.

Several chemical treatments are part of this family, which prevent the movement of calcium through its usual channels.

Calcium, when it enters cells, can cause excitation and instability, which can make the arteries and heart contract more strongly.

Blocking this situation can help relieve symptoms like hypertension and irregular heartbeat.

In terms of EMFs, it seems that they activate Voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), which in turns raises intracellular calcium, leading to various effects, including the stimulation of nitric oxide synthesis.

Basically, it’s not a good development.

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But you don’t need to use chemicals to counter this.

As it turns out, the simple mineral magnesium is itself a powerful calcium channel blocker, meaning that it can oppose the deleterious effects of intracellular calcium and even get it out of the cells.

“Magnesium indeed can be called “nature’s physiologic calcium blocker.” Unlike synthetic calcium blockers, deficiency of magnesium will enhance the activity of calcium.” – Iseri & French (1984)

According to Pall (2013), “most, if not all, EMF effects are blocked” by calcium-channel blockers.

Ultimately, we cannot do much about the EMF exposure of modern life. It’s everywhere and all around us.

Therefore, it seems like a good idea to optimize the diet to get more magnesium, as well as using safe supplements like transdermal magnesium oil or epsom salts (e.g. in a bath).

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