How to use urea to boost metabolism and stop pain

Painful Heel wound on mans feet caused by new shoes.

Urea is tasteless and isn’t made from urine: it has huge benefits for men

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How to use urea to boost metabolism and stop pain

Your feet take a lot of beating — carrying your weight all day in dark, humid conditions.

Low metabolism can cause cracks in the skin — and these cracks can become infected.

Viruses can take root in the cracked skin of your feet, causing warts.

These viral “plantar” warts can cause severe pain — they usually clear up — but often only after a number of years.

If metabolism is still low, then reinfection is likely.

Urea is a substance produced naturally in the body — it was once widely used in medicine.

Now it’s only used in skin creams.

Urea increases local metabolism and helps the body repair itself.

Japanese researchers discovered that 10% urea (similar to that found in skin creams) cures plantar warts with no side effects.

It’s cheaper and far less painful than other options, which often don’t work.

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The human research was carried out at Sakai municipal Hospital in Osaka, Japan.

The results were published in the journal Skin Research.

Plantar warts are a common viral foot complaint.

They cause painful yellow warts on the soles of the feet which can make walking excruciatingly painful.

There are 10 or 12 commonly used treatments for these viral warts.

Treatments include surgery, cryotherapy (freezing), burning by laser, and various chemical burn treatments.

As you can imagine these treatments are painful and expensive — and most of them come with a high risk of nasty side effects.

Researchers in Japan have been doing some research on urea treatment of these warts.

A previous study found that 10% urea was effective at removing plantar warts in people with mild cases.

“Six years ago, we reported that topical 10% urea ointment therapy was an effective treatment for plane warts.”

But some people get a really bad dose — and sometimes the standard treatments don’t work at all.

This study was designed to see whether 10% urea could cure plantar warts in people where other, more harsh and expensive treatments had failed.

“Urea ointment was applied externally to  cases of plantar warts that were resistant to freezing and coagulation with liquid nitrogen.”

As well as three cases resistant to freezing, the researchers found one person who was resistant to keratolytic therapy — a method of burning the warts and virus with chemicals.

So the researchers advised the use of urea.

The participants were told to rub a fatty cream with 10% urea on their feet a few times a day.

“10% urea ointment was applied to warts twice or thrice daily.”

In every case there was a significant shrinking of the warts noticeable after one to seven months.

The warts disappeared at 2 to 8 months after treatment began.

“Plantar warts gradually subsided over 1 to 7 months, and complete resolution was obtained within 2 to 8 months.”

7 or 8 months may seem a long time — but there was massive improvement for all patients by 2 months. 

And this is in people who already had painful and expensive treatments which had failed them.

Unlike other treatments, there is no risk with urea.

There were no side-effects found in either of the urea trials.

“No significant adverse events occurred during topical 10% urea ointment therapy.”

Urea is a natural substance produced in the body.

The word urine is derived from urea, and we urinate a lot of urea away every day.

But today, urea is actually synthesized and it doesn’t have anything to do with urine.

Urea is created in the body and taking extra can have huge benefits — and it has no taste at all!

So back to the study…the researchers carrying out these experiments are at a loss as to why urea helps cure these warts…

“The exact mechanism of action of 10% urea ointment in treatment of wards has not been determined.”

Urea increases metabolism — applying urea to an area will help the body generate energy to fight infection and repair tissue.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about training in diagnosing health-related problems.

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