Should you take aspirin for your diabetes?

This is one of many studies going back to the late 19th century showing that taking aspirin can stop virtually all symptoms of diabetes.

The subjects in this study took the equivalent of 20 aspirin tablets per day.

So the next question is, should anyone take that much aspirin?

Maybe not. But in the study, blood sugar improved, triglycerides improved, and the liver function VASTLY improved.

Help for a fatty liver

At least 70% of people with diabetes have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. And in this study, aspirin was found to help fatty liver disease immensely.

In summary, high dose aspirin treatment improved both fasting and postprandial hyperglycemia in patients with type 2 diabetes…

This is not the only study like it. There are over 100 studies like it. The next question is, is aspirin safe? Is aspirin in large quantity safe?

Well, consider this. You can take high quality vitamin E, and both aspirin and E work synergistically. Perhaps you can take a lot less aspirin for the positive effects.

That’s what they found in this study: Note that the cyclooxygenase-2 or “Cox-2” is one of the ways aspirin and vitamin E help your body fight inflammation.

And, if you are taking aspirin, perhaps if you take it with certain co-factors you can keep the aspirin from causing any gastric damage.

For example, crushing aspirin, and taking it with a bit of baking soda in this study produced almost no gastric problems even under a microscope.

And in fact, aspirin may protect your gastrointestinal system as found in this study…

Don’t take aspirin without discussing with your doctor!

Aspirin is a wonder drug but you MUST discuss with your doctor first. Many other medications may interact with aspirin and your doctor can best guide you.

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