Can gut problems cause acne and diabetes?

Dr. Weston Price went around the world in the early part of the 20th century. And he went to indigenous peoples, and examine them thoroughly. And saw what they were eating, and how they were living.

Dr. Price discovered that none of these people ever got acne. Some of the diets were high-fat, some of the diets were high carb, but what they all had in common was, a lack of degenerative disease. And a lack of acne.

Acne is increasingly recognized as an inflammatory disease. It’s caused by inflammation in the body.

And now, this academic review shows how you might be able to heal acne, and even diabetes. By using probiotics and probiotics. To heal the gut.

Healing the gut heals acne

Many studies show that increasing probiotics can heal the gut, and also fix acne.

The studies show that the gut of people who have a standard Western diet has more of the wrong kind of bacteria, and less of the right ones.

In numerous studies, they gave people small amounts of the right type of bacteria. And their acne got better.

But what is also interesting is that oftentimes diabetes got better too.

It seems that the same problems in the God that cause acne also cause diabetes.

It’s all about endotoxins

Endotoxins are bacteria and fragments of bacteria that escape the confines of the gut, and enter the body.

The liver is constantly dealing with endotoxins in everybody, whether they have acne, whether they have diabetes, or whether they’re completely healthy.

The liver is constantly dealing with endotoxins. It seems increasingly important to help deliver metabolize these endotoxins.

Western diet increases endotoxins

The author of this review shows through many studies, that you can lower endotoxin activity by taking healthy probiotics, by taking healthy prebiotic’s, and by avoiding some of the worst parts of the Western diet.

For a long time, people thought that too much sugar, or too much fat creates acne. But now, these studies show that it isn’t sugar or fat that creates acne, and diabetes. It’s other elements of the Western diet. For example, French fries. French fries contain large amounts of inflammatory omega six fatty acids. It is quite possible, these studies show, that the omega six fatty acids alter the gut bacteria, and create more endotoxins.

Acne is the result. In other people, the result is diabetes. Fixing disease including chronic disease seems to be largely a function of gut bacteria, and healing they got so that your body does not have to deal with too many endotoxins.

What to do now

You might want to play around with certain prebiotic’s and probiotics. I have found the soil-based organisms, and Saccharomyces Boulardii, have great potential to heal the gut.

Prebiotics include cooled cooked potatoes, cooled cooked white rice, and cooled cooked plantains. These may increase good bacteria in the gut and help heal a leaky gut. This may be helpful in eliminating acne and diabetes.

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