Do mothers with low thyroid give birth to gay children?

one of the most exciting areas of science is epigenetic’s. What people think they know about genetics, is now known to be totally false, because of epigenetic’s.

Epigenetics tells us that many traits that we get from our parents, especially from her mother, are not passed down by genes.

We get our mental and physical state not by genes, but by epigenetics.

Epigenetics means that genes can be turned on, or off, during pregnancy, and afterwords after birth, and this affects us more than our genes.

So this study talks about a shocking result of epigenetics.

They studied mothers who had low thyroid during pregnancy.

And they found a highly significant relationship between mothers with low thyroid during pregnancy, and gay offspring.

As the study notes:

Maternal thyroid dysfunctions during pregnancy may result in homosexual orientation in the offspring.

How is this even possible?

One possible explanation is epigenetic’s. In epigenetic’s, you have to remember that DNA is wrapped up as if in a giant ball of twine. This twine is called histones.

These systems wrap the DNA tightly, and protected. Plus, the histones can attract small molecules, either methyl groups, or acetyl groups, and these small molecules will then turn on or turn off the underlying gene.

In this diagram, the colored molecules are genes, and the surrounding world of twine are the histones.

Anything that happens to a mother before or during pregnancy, can turn on or turn off certain genes.

And whether these genes are turned on or turned off can be passed along to the baby.

In another study, they found out that women who had type II diabetes early in their pregnancy were much more likely to give birth to boys and girls would later experience obesity and type II diabetes themselves.

Poor nutrition in utero may lead to permanent changes in insulin-glucose metabolism, even if the effect on fetal growth is small.

This is especially true in the first two weeks after conception.

It seems that the mother’s health shortly after conception is critically important to the health of the future boy or girl, man or woman.

What does this mean to you?

Epigenetic gives, and epigenetic’s takes away.

It gives in the sense that it lets us realize we are not victims of our genetics, that we can change our bodies, and our metabolism.

And even though our father may have had a heart attack at age 40, or our mother may have had diabetes at a young age, that doesn’t mean we must have a heart attack, or diabetes.

And epigenetics also takes away, because it means that we can inherit much more than we ever dreamed from her mother, and possibly our father.

We can inherit attitudes, and traits, and sexual orientation.

Scientists are just beginning to study epigenetic’s, but the reality is that the old model of the human genome is totally dead.

And even if we do inherit attitudes, and traits, and sexual orientation, it is quite possible that we can change these through the miracle of methylation and acetylation of the histones.

We can go about modifying the systems that surround our genes. Turning off some, turning on others.

We may be able to change practically anything about ourselves with a combination of diet, exercise, and even thoughts.

It means that we have a vast ability to change our metabolism, and even our sexual orientation if we want to. This is not popular with people, who are still mired in the old belief that everything is determined by genetics.

But as this study shows, sexual orientation, specifically homosexuality, is not necessarily genetic, although it may be partially. But it is linked to prenatal nutrition, and the health of the mother during pregnancy.

I believe that a lot of the work that we have to do to improve our health and live longer, has to do with reversing or changing epigenetic markers.

It means that although we still inherit certain things from our genes, most of our body and our health and our metabolism can be greatly improved by simply turning on or off the correct genes.

Epigenetics is the key to a long life and a happy one.

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