Magnifying sexual desire with this lens method

The majority of men have no idea this method exists!

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—-Important Message for Men Who Love Women—-

Magnifying sexual desire with this lens method — makes women want you

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You know how when you were a boy, you’d take a magnifying glass outside on a sunny day?

And you would use the magnifying glass to direct the sunlight onto an ant on the sidewalk and set it on fire?

Well that’s a bit how this sexual lens method works…

You concentrate all your energy and direct it onto the object of your desire… any woman you want…

And instantly, she feels the flames. She’s set on fire with lust for you.

But it’s more like lightning bolts of electric wanting rather than flames.

It’s common for a girl to climax right there at the bar.

And she is begging you to take her home and screw her brains out!

Just use the sexual lens — it does all the work for you…


This small red fruit could help fight off prostate cancer

Fruits have great health promoting properties.

They all contain vitamin C and essential minerals.

Fruits also contain other compounds which can mean individual fruits have quite specific health benefits.

In the last few years, we have seen numerous studies indicating that strawberries might be particularly effective in fighting cancer.

Strawberries have been shown to be protective against a number of cancers, including prostate cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, hepatoma, leukemia, and melanoma.”

And it seems that some of the protective effects of strawberries on prostate cancer…

…may be due to a compound called fisetin which is found in great concentrations in this fruit.

Researchers use a small amount of refined fisetin in mice with prostate cancer tumors.

Fisetin slowed tumour growth and decreased prostate specific antigen levels (PSA).

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The animal experiments were carried out at the University of Wisconsin. The findings were published in Cancer Research.

Prostate cancer research is a real mess because of some incorrect theories which still dominate the field.

Nevertheless, sometimes researchers come across useful information even though they may interpret the data incorrectly.

This research was based on the assumption that male hormones testosterone and DHT cause prostate cancer.

It is very clear from the research that they don’t.

Nevertheless, there is an interaction with the androgen receptors in the prostate.

In this study the researchers wanted to find out whether fisetin could have any effect on these androgen receptors.

In their experiments, some mice were given an injection of 1 mg of fisetin per day. Other mice were given no treatment.

Both groups of mice were transplanted with prostate cancers.

The researchers looked for changes in PSA – a test of prostate specific antigen.

This is used to assess the risk of prostate cancer in men – but it’s just a general marker of prostate inflammation.

Fisetin significantly lowered PSA in mice with prostate cancer. 

That’s certainly a good thing because cancer is closely tied to inflammation.

“Treatment with fisetin in mice implanted with prostate cancer cells resulted in a reduction in serum PSA levels.”

Cell experiments showed that fisetin had effects on the androgen receptor.

But most importantly, the mice given fisetin fared better.

Fisetin significantly slowed tumor growth in mice transplanted with human prostate cancers.

Fisetin had a noticeable anti-cancer effect.

“Treatment with fisetin in mice implanted with human cancer cells resulted in inhibition of tumour growth.”

The researcher is supported by the fact that dietary studies show that people who eat more strawberries are less likely to get various types of cancer…

Including prostate cancer.

“We identified fisetin as an inhibitor of androgen receptor signalling and suggest it could be useful as a chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic agent to delay the progression of prostate cancer.

Fisetin is found in numerous fruits and vegetables. Persimmon, apple and strawberry are the foods richest in this polyphenol.

The researchers used a dose of 1mg per fisetin per day in the studies.

8 g of strawberries contains 1 mg of fisetin.

An ounce of strawberries contains about 3 ½ g of fisetin.

Though it should be said this study used injected fisetin – and gut absorption of fisetin is low.

Fisetin is fat-soluble so eating strawberries with a little fat will increase how much fisetin you absorb.

The polyphenol is now being tested for increasing mental performance and anti-ageing properties.

Supplements with hundreds and thousands of milligrams of fisetin are now on the market.

One thing to be aware of is that high doses of fisetin seems to be a blood thinner

Many people report bleeding when taking hundreds of milligrams of pure fisetin per day.

The research seems to show that this is not necessary for many of the benefits of fisetin.

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I’ve found something even better than fisetin for fighting cancer — 1 simple white powder that costs less than $2

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This white powder seems ordinary…

It’s sold at every grocery store, convenience store, and health food store on the planet.

And it’s always $2 or less.

But what most men don’t know is that this ordinary white power is a powerful cancer fighting miracle!

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And the reason you haven’t heard this yet is because it would blow Big Pharma’s cancer treatments out of the water…

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Because all you need is a pinch in a glass of water and it starts working right away.

And it has tons of other benefits other than just preventing and fighting cancer cells.

See for yourself — here’s the cheap white powder that turns out to be a cancer fighting miracle


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Inhibition of the development of N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine-induced esophageal tumors in rats by strawberries and aspirin, alone and in combination novel dietary flavonoid fisetin inhibits androgen receptor signaling and tumor growth in athymic nude mice