Is this common white substance giving men erections problems?

3 Nobel Prize-winning scientists have stumbled onto a shocking revelation…

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Scientific Breakthrough: common white substance causing erections problems in men?

A group of Nobel Prize-winning scientists have discovered a “deadly white substance” that’s usually associated with heart disease…

…is actually causing thousands of men to end up permanently limp down there!

Fortunately, these scientists have also discovered a fast-acting way to reduce the build-up on this deadly substance in the body…

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This proves that everything they discovered about cancer is wrong

Cancer is one of those words that you never want to hear at the doctor’s office.

It’s also something that occurs regularly in the human population.

Unfortunately, nearly every cancer treatment out there is physically very difficult to deal with and acts as a poison in the human body.

Not just to the cancer cells, but to the rest of the cells as well.

It’s expensive. It makes you sick. And it doesn’t always extend your life.

Now… if you have cancer you want to make sure you work with your doctor on the best possible treatment for YOUR situation.

I’m not a doctor, and I can’t give you medical advice.

Traditionally, cancer has been viewed as a random mutation event.

Doctors have long thought that the cells in your body mutate to create cancer.

Conventional wisdom holds that cancer is driven by random mutations that create aberrant cells that run amok in the body.

But there is a new model being developed that shows that this assumption that cancer is a mutation may be dead wrong.

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In research coming out of Arizona State University and published in the journal BioEssays there is a challenge to conventional theories of cancer.

This research is showing that the codes already exist in our bodies to create cancer cells.

In contrast with the conventional model, the distinctive capabilities of cancer cells are not primarily generated by mutations, the researchers claim, but are pre-existent and latent in normal cells.

This is an exciting discovery because it could lead to better (less poisonous) forms of treatment as well as better efforts at prevention.

This type of epigenetic research (the idea that genes can turn on and off) is foundational to a lot of what I teach in my courses.

These courses help men get their erections back, reverse diabetes, lower their blood pressure, and raise their testosterone.

The idea that these researchers are proposing is that cancer can be “turned on” by events that compromise the regulatory system of the organism.

Such functions are retained by evolution for specific purposes such as embryo development and wound healing, and are usually turned off in the adult form of complex organisms. But they can be turned back on if something compromises the organism’s regulatory controls.

If you can keep your gene’s regulatory controls intact you are much less likely to get a major disease. That includes cancer.

Scientists are able to determine this because they can now date when a genetic sequence was added to the genetic code.

Cancer research has been transformed in recent years by comparing genetic sequences across thousands of species to determine gene ages,” Davies said. Just as geologists can date rock strata, so geneticists can date genes, a technique known as phylostratigraphy.

It’s a remarkable technology that allows the researchers to determine when specific genes that trigger cancer were added to the human genome.

This type of dating is called phylostratigraphy.

What science is currently discovering about cancer and that it may be turned on and off at the gene level through events that deregulate the body is game-changing.

It’s entirely possible that this breakthrough could be the first step to a real cure for cancer.

In the meantime, it’s a good idea to make sure that your body is in the best health possible.

Good health and low chronic internal inflammation are likely to help you prevent cancer from forming in the first place.

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This safe white powder oxygenates the cells and helps kill cancer cells

Multiple studies show that cancer cells thrive in low-oxygen states…

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…so cancer cells hate oxygen the way a burglar in the night hates bright lights.

And this natural white powder — it oxygenates the cells according to a mouse study, making cells healthier and more resistant to cancer.

It’s like a spotlight shining directly onto every single one of your cells, protecting them and ready to act if any threat appears…

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