If you want to do it for 30 minutes or longer, read this

If you want to do it for 30 minutes or longer, read this

Thanks to this little “hack,” Jodi and I have sex at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes or longer… (and you can too)

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This fun solo activity “pumps” up men’s sexual performance

I’ve discovered a new activity that’s helping men have great intercourse.

It’s a fun little activity just for men, and you can use it anytime you want to pump up your performance in the bedroom.

This fun little activity will instantly start increasing your stamina and allow you to last for 30 minutes or more.

And it only takes 30 seconds to do, when you’re home alone or waiting for her to come over…

Here’s the fun little solo activity that pumps up a man’s sexual performance.

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If you want to do it for 30 minutes or longer, read this…

It’s easy for long-term relationships and marriages to become stale and BORING.

That’s why there are all those jokes about married couples being miserable.

When relationships become boring – that’s when all kinds of bad stuff happens…

Fights break out. Sex often stops (that is NEVER good). Life becomes…difficult.

Who wants to live like that? Yuck!

But it doesn’t HAVE to be that way.

If you know how to hack your biological processes, you can have an AMAZING relationship with your spouse/partner/girlfriend for 5 years or 70 years.

And it can get better all the time.

I teach a lot of this in my courses on Nirvana sex – and the men who try this stuff tell me it’s pure magic.

But there is another trick I can show you today that will increase the satisfaction and pleasure in your romantic relationship…

Even if you are fighting all the time…

That’s because it doesn’t rely on counseling or “talking.”

Instead, I’m going to show you how to HACK your biology.


Couples creating art or playing board games release 'love hormone

One of the tricks to having an AMAZING relationship…

I’m not a big fan of counselors in general.

But my friend got some great advice from a counselor.

And that advice is backed up by science…advice that you can implement for zero dollars.

The counselor told her that, in order to feel connected to her husband, they should “have fun together.”

It’s good advice. Because having fun with your romantic partner strengthens a key hormone called oxytocin.

Building the “hugging hormone”

Oxytocin is an important hormone to build because it creates trust, affection, and attraction between couples…

All without having to say a word. There is no blaming and there are no arguments.

When you and your partner have plenty of oxytocin you just have lots of good feelings (and normally a lot more sex too!)

There are lots of ways to build up oxytocin, but one of the easiest is to do fun activities together.

In this study, they had the couples play board games or take painting classes together.

“When couples play board games together or take a painting class with each other, their bodies release oxytocin – sometimes dubbed the hugging hormone.”

In both cases, the level of oxytocin they produced increased.

And it seems that having fun doing something new or unusual can have an even GREATER impact.

A novel setting will create more oxytocin…

As you plan your date nights or activities, it’s a good idea to throw in some things that are “new” once in a while.

Novelty with fun activities boosts oxytocin production more than “regular” activities do.

When couples are in a novel setting and doing novel activities, they release more oxytocin than when they are in a familiar home-like environment.

That suggests that novelty can be an important factor to consider when planning date nights with our partners…

The big key, though, is playing together as a couple.

Playing together is key…

Whatever you like to do, take the time to do it together.

Go to amusement parks, enjoy the great outdoors…

Take a dance class, a painting class, or visit a museum…

It really doesn’t matter – as long as what you are doing is something you consider FUN!

“Our big finding was that all couples release oxytocin when playing together – and that’s good news for couples’ relationships…”

For me, this was a revelation!

It let me get along with Jodi in ways that I hadn’t anticipated.

But building the oxytocin also had an AMAZING side effect that I just wasn’t expecting.

Oxytocin makes “rockiness” way, way better.

Oxytocin strengthens erections!

If you’d like to have better, stronger erections, then playing with your partner (it doesn’t have to be sexual play) can help with that too.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is true.

There is NOTHING like oxytocin to make a man get more rigid, for longer, and feel the ultimate in pleasure and sensation.

Plus, no more arguments, no more nagging or bickering because…

Oxytocin makes conflict go away…

Ultimately, if you want a fun partnership that stays fresh year after year and doesn’t have tons of conflict, then make sure you’re having fun with your partner.

It really pays off… And you probably won’t have to drop a ton of money on counseling.

—-Important Message About Naturally Increasing Oxytocin—-

How to use the Oxytocin Secret for long, pleasurable intercourse – even for men who are going soft during intercourse or who can’t get a good enough erection for penetration

Oxytocin triggers the nerves in the brain-penis connection and makes your erection stiffer and more engorged for much longer.

And it increases the amount of pleasure you feel during sex, so you can last longer than ever before.

It’s almost impossible NOT to get great, long-lasting erections when you have lots of oxytocin flooding your brain and testicles.

One man wrote to me:

Daily Medical Discoveries Testimonial

And another man wrote to me:

Daily Medical Discoveries Testimonial

It’s an oxytocin miracle – and you can get it right here today for free.






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