How to lower blood pressure without drugs

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Perhaps one of the worst scandals in medicine is blood pressure medication.

You can find ways how to lower blood pressure without drugs, but drug companies don’t research those.

If you’re a big drug company, getting a new drug approved is a pretty simple business.

To get a drug approved all you have to do is show that a drug lowers blood pressure for a brief period of time.

That’s right… a brief time.

You don’t really have to show any long-term safety at all.

You don’t even have to show that the drug works after that time period either.

Many of these drug trials are actually done by “cooperative” third-party research organizations.

They’re often located in places like Communist China and Indonesia.

The FDA uses this data and considers it just as good as data generated in, say, the US or England.

Yet other countries may not use the same controls or standards mandated in US or European labs.

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It makes an easy path for new medications that can make tons of profit.

So, companies do not focus on simpler natural health remedies.

And there are natural ways to lower blood pressure.

There’s nobody pushing their way into the doctor’s office, peddling vitamin D3.

But there are many reps calling on the doctor all the time.

They come peddling their expensive, side-effect ridden blood pressure medication.

The problem with blood pressure medication is that it kills libido and erections.

And doesn’t actually make you healthier.

One of the worst side effects is steady, relentless ED.

But another side effect (which is under-reported) is postural hypotension.

You’re sitting at a dinner with your family, and you stand up — and you pass out.

How to lower blood pressure without drugsThis study puts the incidence of this symptom at 15% of people taking these medications.

That includes dizziness and sudden low blood pressure when you stand up.

They call an ambulance, you get all kinds of scans at the hospital, and they don’t find anything wrong.

It costs you thousands of dollars, and you’re lucky you didn’t break your hip or wrist.

So you look for things to do to lower your blood pressure.

And you hope you find something that won’t give you hypotension.

High blood pressure treatment without drugs IS possible.

Supplemental Vitamin D lowers blood pressure and makes you healthier.

This is a large study done in Australia.

Unfortunately, it’s not a randomized controlled trial.

It’s one of those studies where they asked people a bunch of questions, and use the answers to churn out useful data.

It’s not an ideal study method, but sometimes it yields good information.

This study seems pretty useful.

It found that higher vitamin D levels correlate to greater health, and lower blood pressure.

How to lower blood pressure without drugsIt’s pretty easy to take vitamin D.

You will do best to take vitamin D3.

Personally, I often take doses of between 5000 and 50,000 units of D3.

I am always sure to take vitamin D3 with plenty of vitamin K2, maybe 2 mg to 20 mg of K2.

Vitamin D3 helps the body absorb calcium, and it lowers harmful levels of parathyroid hormone in the body.

But vitamin K2 helps the body take the calcium that the vitamin D3 has enhanced, and deposit that calcium into the bones.

It cleans it away and out of the arteries.

I also take some vitamin A when I take vitamins D3 and K2.

Vitamin A is a very useful cofactor along with those vitamins.

Now here’s some great evidence that vitamin D can lower blood pressure quite a lot.

How to lower blood pressure without drugsNow, this is a mouse study out of Israel.

But it showed extremely striking decreases in blood pressure.

For a human, this would be the equivalent of someone with 150/100, going to 110/70.

What makes this study useful is that it was done over a period of time.

You have to be taking vitamin D3 over several of months to get the best results.

Many studies don’t give the mice or the people vitamin K2 as we just discussed.

High blood pressure is not generally a killer unless it’s extremely high.

So, many men (if not most men) who were diagnosed with high blood pressure may have a better option.

They may be able to talk to their doctors about playing with higher levels of vitamins D3 and K2 for several months.

Then they can see if this combination can lower their blood pressure so that they do not need pills.

It’s quite possible that most men do not need pills.

Most men will probably benefit from vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 instead of pills.

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