People with Higher cholesterol level live longer

People with Higher cholestrol level live longer

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Today’s study is one of many similar studies and analysis.

These all show that today’s “common knowledge” among doctors about cholesterol is completely wrong.

Doctors think they know what happens when you have high cholesterol.

They tell you to avoid high cholesterol foods.

They give you medications and instructions for managing cholesterol.

But although your doctor is taught to lower your cholesterol, people with higher cholesterol levels live longer!optine

The typical medical narrative today talks about two types of cholesterol.

Medical knowledge today says that the first type is HDL cholesterol.

This is also called the “good cholesterol.”

The second type of cholesterol is the LDL-cholesterol or “bad cholesterol.”

This UCLA analysis shows that LDL-cholesterol actually can save your life.

It turns out that there are benefits to higher cholesterol, particularly LDL-cholesterol.

Higher LDL-cholesterol rates resulted in a higher survival rate.

So it seems that LDL-cholesterol may not be as bad as doctors think.

People with Higher cholestrol level live longer

People with Higher cholestrol level live longerThis analysis by an excellent UCLA doctor spells out the truth about cholesterol.

There is a

counter-intuitive relationship between high cholesterol, a traditional cardiovascular risk factor, and improved outcomes.

In fact, higher cholesterol levels lead to a longer life and lower heart disease.

Take a look at this excellent chart, and you can see that many studies say the same thing:

People with Higher cholestrol level live longerSo if you look on the right side of the chart, you’ll see study after study listed.

These all show that lower TC, or total cholesterol, lead to a lower survival rate from heart disease.

“TC < 101mg/dL” means that having a total cholesterol less than 101 is an independent predictor of mortality.

Doctors today want to lower your cholesterol and this shows that it can be TOO LOW!

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And more than that, LDL-cholesterol is particularly protective.

This is because LDL-cholesterol has an extremely important function.

This function is to detoxify dangerous poisons called endotoxins that are in our food and breed in our gut.

All it means when you have higher LDL-cholesterol is that your liver is doing a better job detoxifying the endotoxins.

Of course, this goes against what doctors are telling us.

Unfortunately, doctors’ education does not go very far.

And their education is mostly dictated by the big drug companies.

Drug companies sponsor most of the studies that eventually become the curriculum for doctors.

But all the big drug companies want is to sell billions of dollars worth of statin medications.

So not everything that doctors learn turns out to be correct… just like this issue with cholesterol.

As the researcher notes:

An obvious potential concern regarding the use of statins in heart failure is the paradoxical relationship between low cholesterol levels and higher mortality.

I want to make a quick side note and explain what heart failure is to doctors.

Heart failure, or congestive heart failure, is a disease where the heart is not functioning fully.

When you have heart failure, your heart is essentially waterlogged.

Too much fluid and inflammation prevent the heart from fully functioning.

This is why the old-line remedies for heart failure were diuretics.

Diuretics allow the body to get rid of excess water, and help remove the excess water from the heart.

You really can’t trust conventional wisdom about cholesterol.

Higher cholesterol leads to better survival rates.

There’s obviously an upper limit.

Studies need to determine exactly what is the normal cholesterol level in the blood.

But if your total cholesterol is between 200 to 250, you’re much more likely to live a longer and healthier life.

People with Higher cholestrol level live longer

Lower total cholesterol was the single best predictor of mortality among 16 variables. These results were surprising, counterintuitive, and received little attention.

You bet, this finding has received little attention because it doesn’t sell drugs.



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