Doing this for 5 minutes a day can add decades to your life

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This simple little activity can give you all the benefits of exercise without spending hours in the gym…

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Doing This for 5 Minutes a Day Can Add Decades to Your Life

I’m not by any means a “gym rat.”

I don’t particularly like hanging out in gyms…

And lifting weights gives me a splitting headache.

I don’t know why it is – just that every time I lift weights, my head hurts like crazy.

But even though I don’t like gyms, I do stay active.

Mostly, because I want to live until I’m 120 years old. And I will do what I need to do to stay healthy until a very old age.

Here’s the thing…

In America, we tend to get exercise REALLY wrong.

I’m not sure if people in other places do it better, but here we typically either commit to intense workouts like P90x or OrangeTheory fitness…

Or we do nothing.

Sure, it’s okay to do intense workouts…

But to lower your risk of disease and death, there is a lot of room between 90 minutes a day and nothing.

And for most people those lower amounts are doable.

We’ll get into that in a minute… But first let’s look at what happens when you sit on your rear all day.

Lack of physical activity can kill you.

This is not an overstatement.

The NHS (National Health Service) in the UK did a big study on how much being inactive costs and how much it affects health.

Most of us know that sitting around all day is bad for us, but we might not know exactly HOW bad it is for us.

And the answer is that it’s really bad.

“The researchers say their results suggest that 11.6% of all deaths were associated with sedentary behavior and that 69,276 deaths might have been avoided in 2016 if sedentary behavior was eliminated in the UK.”

This study showed that over 1 in 10 deaths in 2016 were directly related to inactivity!

One in 10 is too big a risk for me.

They looked specifically at five different health conditions and how closely they were related to inactivity.

“…[looking at] the impact sedentary behavior has on the relative risks of five specific health conditions (type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, endometrial cancer, and lung cancer)…”

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The cost of these inactivity-related health conditions was substantial.

It’s estimated that in the UK, the NHS is spending about 8/10 of a billion dollars on inactivity-related health treatments.

“Actual overall NHS spending on each of the five conditions, uplifted for inflation, was used to estimate the financial impact sedentary behavior had on the NHS for each of the conditions in the UK in 2016-17.”

“For all five conditions combined, this amounted to £0.8bn in 2016-17.”

We have five times that population in the US – and our medical costs are more expensive. The number here must be astronomical.

The crazy thing is that both the death and money numbers are probably conservative.

Because there are other inactivity-related health conditions this study could have also included but didn’t.

“The authors point out that these costs are probably a conservative estimate of the true burden of sedentary behavior because sedentary behavior is likely to be associated with several other cancers, musculoskeletal disorders, and mental health disorders, not included in their analysis.”

If you aren’t active just yet, it’s okay.

There are lots of people right now who aren’t active at all – or aren’t active enough.

The most important thing to remember is that if you aren’t active you aren’t alone.

It’s really easy in modern society to sit at a desk all day and then come home and sit some more.

The second most important thing to remember is that any physical activity is better than no physical activity.

If you can take steps instead of elevators, walk on a treadmill while watching TV, or pace while you’re on the phone – it all counts.

Getting physical is important.

It will help your overall health, your sexual health, and your mental health.

But you can take it one step at a time (literally) and add a bit here and there. It all adds up.

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