Study: This makes men “genetically younger” by at least 14 years

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Study: This Makes Men “Genetically Younger” By At Least 14 Years

The search for supplements that slow the rate of physiological aging has not been very successful.

However, one group of substances is showing more and more promise in animal models.

This new study gives us more evidence of the anti-aging effects of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

Long-term administration of nicotinamide mononucleotide mitgates age-associated physiological decline in mice

The researchers coordinated their mouse study at the Department of Developmental Biology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri.

The journal Cell Metabolism published the results.

NAD+ is a helper molecule inside each cell… It is involved in the transfer of electrons inside living organisms…

As such, it supports many aspects of healthy aging.

And a decrease in NAD+ is associated with accelerated aging and disease.

Because of this, scientists are interested in substances that can increase the amount of NAD+ in our bodies.

They are conducting experiments to see if supplements that increase NAD+ can slow aging and ameliorate age-related diseases.

NMN increases the production of NAD+ and therefore might slow aging.

So scientists are experimenting with NMN.

“NAD+ availability decreases with age and in certain disease conditions. NMN increases NAD+ biosynthesis.”

The researchers used standard lab mice and fed them standard lab animal food.

They also fed them an oral supplement of NMN to see how this affected the progression of aging and age-related diseases.

The scientists proved that oral supplementation with NMN led to synthesis of NAD+.

“Oral NMN was found to synthesize NAD+ in the animals.”

Just as the scientists had theorized, the supplement that increased NAD+ also ameliorated many of the markers of bad health that are associated with aging.

For example, use of NMN decreased age-related weight gain.

“NMN suppressed age-associated body weight gain.”

It also increased energy production.

“…enhanced energy metabolism.”

The NMN-supplemented animals were more active as they aged.

“…promoted physical activity.”

The supplement also improved blood sugar and markers of fat in the blood.

“…improved insulin sensitivity and plasma lipid profile.”

It even protected against age-related decline in eye function.

“…ameliorated eye function and other pathophysiologies.”

If there is a downside to NMN it has not been identified yet.

“NMN provided all these benefits without any obvious toxicity or deleterious effects.”

When scientists looked at the genes of the experimental animals, they found that the animals were genetically younger.

“NMN prevented age-associated gene expression changes in key metabolic organs.”

The health of every animal depends on its ability to produce energy – they require energy to build and repair the body structure.

The study showed that the animals supplemented with NMN had healthier energy production systems (mitochondrial metabolism).

“NMN enhanced mitochondrial oxidative metabolism.”

It’s very likely that most of the benefits the scientists observed in these mice will be relevant in humans – because the systems at play are so similar.

“These effects of NMN highlight the preventive and therapeutic potential of NAD+ boosters for anti-aging in humans.”

We have already seen significant increases in the life span of smaller life forms through the mechanism of increasing NAD+.

“It has been demonstrated that enhancing NAD+ biosynthesis extends lifespan in yeast, worms, and flies.”

Some of the benefits seen in this study were dose-related.

Higher doses of NMN led to more NAD+ and healthier aging.

“NMN can significantly suppress age-associated body weight gain in a dose-dependent manner without showing any serious side effects.”

In some other cases, the effects were more pronounced at a slightly lower dose.

So the optimum dose will need to be tested in the future.

“100 mg/kg/day of NMN improved oxygen consumption, energy expenditure, and physical activity better than 300 mg/kg/day.”

There is another common, over-the-counter supplement that has been used safely for many years… And it operates on the same mechanism.

Vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide/nicotinamide also increases NAD+ – almost as effectively as the NMN.

Food for thought.

You should always consult a professional about diagnosing and treating any major health conditions.

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