Canadian Researchers Show Diabetes Can Be Reversed – But For How Long?

I live in the United States, where Big Pharma controls nearly everything, and their motivation is profit, profit, profit. I can’t imagine a study like this coming out here, but I’ve got to tell you this Canadian study just confirms what we’ve known for quite some time.

Type 2 diabetes is, in many cases, reversible.

Which is pretty remarkable, considering that almost the entire medical establishment says that once you have it, you have it and there is nothing you can do except take super expensive drugs.

I call baloney on that. Absolute total malarkey.

I have personally seen many, many people full out reverse their diabetes, and completely go off diabetes medicine or reduce their medicine dramatically.

(Remember, I’m a researcher, I’m not a doctor & this is not medical device – never go off your prescriptions without talking to your doctor first)

And that was WAY before this study. Speaking of which –

I agree with the result, but not the methods

I’m not the scientist who put this study together (I’m sure you guessed), but I see one major, major flaw in what they did.

Two of the groups received an intensive “metabolic intervention” in which they were provided with a personalized exercise plan, and a meal plan that reduced their daily calorie intake by 500 to 750 calories a day.

Whoa! That is some serious calorie reduction. I never, ever recommend reducing your calories like that. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

First though, this actually worked, at least in the short term for a fair amount of patients

At 8 weeks, 50% of the 8-week intervention group vs 3.6% of controls achieved normal blood sugar on therapy and at 16 weeks.

At 12 weeks after completion, 21.4% of the 8 week group and 40.7% of the 16 week group had achieved normoglycemia on this therapy.

Meaning for all intents and purposes their blood sugar was normal and diabetes reversed.

It’s absolutely remarkable, but the study only went out to 12 weeks.

And that is where the problem is. 12 weeks isn’t anywhere near enough time.

Low Calorie Diets Work – For a VERY, VERY Short Amount of Time

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I can almost guarantee you this – when the people in this study went on the super calorie restricted diet, there is something that happened to their body that is NOT good for long term diabetes reversal.

Low-calorie dieting is very stressful, and your body will secrete cortisol in order to protect itself. Just dieting ALONE has this effect.

Cortisol is bad, bad news.

When your body produces too much cortisol it eats its own lean mass. So instead of losing fat, you lose the stuff that helps take and keep fat off – the lean muscle and lean organs.

Low Calorie Diets Also SLOW Down Your Metabolism

Anytime you take in too little food over a period of time, your body slows its metabolism to compensate.

All of this leads to the dreaded bounce back effect.

You know the one. Where you lose a lot of weight and then as soon as you start eating normally you gain it back and then some.

And that’s why, although the results of this study are remarkable, they didn’t follow the people long enough to know if it actually worked. I would bet that anyone who reduced their calories by THAT much got the dreaded bounceback, making things worse then when they started.

It’s a real risk. And not one I’d be willing to take.

Could Blood Fat Levels Be the Key?

Everytime I tell someone this, they end up looking at me cross-eyed. But here it goes.

Fat and diabetes go together, and NOT sugar and diabetes.

(has your head exploded yet?)

And it’s not the kind of fat that’s on your hips or gut. It’s blood fat.

Free fatty acids in the blood seem to cause diabetes.

And over a period of time these excessive blood fats lead to insulin resistance and inflammation.

So the fact that your body can’t process sugar is a symptom and NOT the cause.

That means that if you follow a super low-fat diet, in many cases diabetes will be reversed.

But notice I said low-fat, not low-calorie. You don’t want to get that bounce back effect and just make things worse.

There is another compelling reason to go low fat.

Getting rid of blood fat will help to protect you from other diseases such as Alzheimer’s and prostate inflammation to name just a few.

So is diabetes reversible?

It appears that for many people, that answer is yes.

But I wouldn’t recommend going the super-low calorie route to reverse it.


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