A new natural fix for anhedonia and anxiety

A new natural fix for anhedonia and anxiety

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Today’s study is a fascinating study that shows a way to improve mood, counteract anxiety, and fix anhedonia.

It’s a natural remedy for anhedonia and anxiety.

It also may be useful for people who are showing some strange mental symptoms or even schizophrenia.

With that, let me get into a little bit of background that you need to have at the moment.

Research is has been focusing a lot on alternative therapies for anxiety and depression.

One of the most studied supplements today is pregnenolone.

Why pregnenolone?

It’s studied because pregnenolone turns into allopregnanolone in the brain.

And allopregnanolone promotes mood.

And then there’s progesterone.

Progesterone is a hormone found in both men and women.

It’s extremely important as the body’s primary way of counteracting the harmful effects of estrogen.

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Progesterone turns into allopregnanolone, or at least it can.

In the study researchers gave men and women some extra progesterone and then looked at the effects:

They found that progesterone has a sedative effect in both men and women.

Now this is important because it turns out that progesterone is one of the things which can turn into allopregnanolone.

This study involved giving pregnenolone and l-theanine to people who have schizophrenia.

Pregnenolone is the basic “prohormone” that the body can turn into practically any steroid hormone.

It can be turned into allopregnanolone (the mood elevator) quite easily.

There are good reasons to combine this with l-theanine.

Together, they increase dopamine and lead to better mood and lower anxiety.

They become natural remedies for depression and anxiety.

Yes, it was a study done on schizophrenics.

So the truth is that this has a lot of application even if you don’t have schizophrenia.

In the study, the researchers were primarily looking at lower anxiety and freedom from anhedonia.

Anhedonia is a lack of feeling or interest.

For example, it could be a lack of feeling in the penile tissue or lack of feeling during orgasm.

It could be a lack of interest with women, family or friends.

People with anhedonia generally just don’t feel like much of anything at all.

It’s actually a pretty terrible problem.

So I don’t think the schizophrenic drugs are an important part of this study.

The fact is that they were not helping anhedonia or anxiety that much.

So when they give these people pregnenolone and l-theanine, their anhedonia got a lot better.

And their anxiety went way down.

Anhedonia was significantly improved… also significantly associated with a reduction of anxiety such as anxious mood, tension, and cardiovascular symptoms, and elevation of general functioning.

So they had less of an anxious heartbeat, they felt more positive.

They felt more feeling, and they felt less tense and more relaxed.

And all they did was take 50 mg of pregnenolone and 400 mg of L-theanine.

L-theanine is an amino acid that is safe at virtually any amount.

It’s found naturally in tea.

In fact, the word L-theanine comes from the word for tea.

It’s quite easy to obtain both of these.

And they are quite safe at virtually any level.

Remember that any supplement is going to have different effects on different people.

It’s always best to check with your doctor.

You should make sure that it’s safe for you before you try it, especially if you’re taking any other medication.

However, this is a reasonable approach if you suffer from anhedonia or anxiety.

If you want to try something fully natural, and it may have other benefits.

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Administration of progesterone produces mild sedative-like effects in men and women

Add-on Pregnenolone with L-Theanine to Antipsychotic Therapy Relieves Negative and Anxiety Symptoms of Schizophrenia: An 8-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.



1. How to cure Anhedonia Naturally?
A lot of anhedonia is caused by medications that a man may be taking. For example, drugs given for anxiety and depression can frequently cause anhedonia. The SSRIs and related drugs often result in anhedonia.
Another class of drugs that do this are finasteride and dutasteride, that are given for prostate problems. These drugs mess with DHT and other male hormones and often result in anhedonia.
If you want to cure anhedonia naturally, you want to get off drugs by asking your doctor for alternatives. Also, what you want to do is make sure that you have strong thyroid support because low thyroid is often at the bottom of anhedonia. Curing anhedonia naturally is often a matter of getting out of the medical rathole with your doctor’s blessing and increasing thyroid levels.

2. What is the best treatment for anhedonia?
The best treatment for anhedonia is frequently avoiding a lot of medical treatment that is causing it in the first place.
Never get off of a medication without the full approval of your doctor. But be aware that many medications given for anxiety, depression, and prostate problems can cause anhedonia.
Also one of the major treatments for Anatolia that really can work is improving thyroid function.
In several studies, men have been able to recover more feeling and a greater ability to reach orgasm when they improve their thyroid function often by supplementing with thyroid hormone.
Also, many times anhedonia can be treated by lowering serotonin levels in the male body.  The best way of lowering serotonin is often to improve digestive health. Having two bowel movements a day can go a long way towards fixing anhedonia because it can lower serotonin levels and allow dopamine levels to rise. Increasing dopamine levels often restore feelings and reverse anhedonia.

3. What are your recommended supplements for anhedonia?
There are many recommended supplements for anhedonia. One of them is thyroid hormone, T3 or T4 or both. These can only be prescribed by a knowledgeable physician.
Natural supplements beside thyroid that often can help is something as simple as activated charcoal consumed every three or four days. Good quality activated charcoal can lower serotonin levels in the gut. This can help counteract one of the root causes of anhedonia which is high serotonin levels.
There are other supplements that can work very well including, coffee, aspirin, and niacinamide. Even methylene blue can be very helpful for anhedonia.

4. Is there a cure for anhedonia?
Anhedonia is usually called a side effect of depression. It is the inability to feel pleasure and usually happens in long term cases of depression. There are two forms of Anhedonia, in this case, one where one does not feel good with spending time with other people. The second type expresses itself with the inability to enjoy physical sensations of pleasure.
Sex loses its charm. Even a hug, which used to bring happy vibes with it, feels bland and lackluster.It is very challenging for a person who has anhedonia to enjoy the goodness of relationships and the joy it brings. One goes through phases of social anxiety, where they don’t feel comfortable meeting new people and even lose the ability to express positive emotions, especially in joyful or predominantly happy environments.
Anhedonia is categorized as a mental illness and can affect people who have existing mental health issues like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Researchers feel that this might be related to the way the brain processes the feel-good chemical – "Dopamine" in the head. There is mounting evidence to the fact that people with Anhedonia might have a higher propensity for committing suicide, which is why this is a serious problem.
So is there a cure for Anhedonia?
This is tricky to answer.
But ketamine can answer for this disorder. Usually antidepressant medications are recommended for those who suffer from chronic depression and in this case, are believed to treat anhedonia too. But not necessarily.
Other treatment alternatives that are usually followed for chronic depression include electroconvulsive therapies, where electrodes are placed on the head and a mild electric wave is applied to the patient, who is under anesthesia. One another method is called Transcranial magnetic stimulation. This kind of therapy is used for individuals when other treatments are not working. This involves the use of magnetic currents to stimulate nerve cells.
Depression or specifically chronic depression has also been tied to the Inflammation of the tissues in the brain.
Would that mean, that the presence of inflammatory compounds like Cytokines and C-reactive proteins in those who go through chronic depression, a sign that it might be affecting the prefrontal cortex and Amygdala, that plays an important part n decision making?
The newest kid in the block is a supplement called Pregnenolone, which is now being called as the answer for those who are suffering from Anhedonia. A recent research study found that Pregnenolone turns to allopregnanolone, in the body which has been found to promote mood very positively. In addition to I-theanine  ( an amino acid), it can do wonders to Anhedonia.
According to other research studies, it has been found that the dopamine neurons in the prefrontal cortex are high among people who are suffering from Anhedonia. The role of Dopamine is important here because it plays a major part in the "reward sensations" which we normally experience after we do a certain action.
In some areas of medical research, serotonin reuptake inhibitors are prescribed for people with depression. But interestingly there are also pieces of evidence where standard depression treatments might cause long term side effects which cause more havoc to the body. This might be because serotonin inhibits the release of dopamine in certain areas of the brain, thus interfering with the motivation and pleasure sensations.

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