My 2 personal sleep hacks

My 2 personal sleep hacks

Most of us can feel our brains slowing down when we get tired – this will make sure it never happens to you again…

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My 2 personal sleep hacks

I intend to live until I’m 120.

That means I need to stay healthy and not die.

It turns out that sleep – good, solid, real sleep – is a big key to staying alive.

There are a ton of benefits to sleep, including better cognitive function and avoiding weight gain.

One benefit of sleep that may surprise you is that enough sleep leads to safer driving…

But here is an interesting twist…

Your brain can actually play tricks on you if sleep deprivation is a regular occurrence in your life.

The brain is kind of weird in the way it works.

So let’s take a look at the extent to which sleep deprivation will impair your driving… and why you may not even realize it’s happening.

If you sleep less…you will crash more

Car accidents are EXPENSIVE. And they can cause major injury, even death.

Most people know not to drive drunk, but did you know that driving sleepy may be just as risky?

Now, this may not come as a big surprise, because most of us can feel our brains slowing down when we get tired.

So it makes sense that tiredness would cause problems with driving.

Excessive sleepiness can cause cognitive impairments and put individuals at a higher risk of a motor vehicle crash.”

But what is surprising is that chronic sleepiness ends up going unnoticed by your brain.

So you can be putting yourself at risk for a bad car accident without even knowing it.

Many chronic conditions can creep up on you in the same way.

Whether it’s sleepiness or diabetes or weight gain, your brain has a way of getting used to the new normal.

“…the perception of impairment from excessive sleepiness quickly plateaus in individuals who are chronically sleep deprived, despite continued declines in performance.”

This perception issue is scary because it means you may not be able to gauge your actual performance levels after a few nights of not getting enough sleep.

In the study, severe sleep apnea posed the highest risk for car crashes – because your body simply ends up not getting enough sleep.

Severe sleep apnea was associated with a 123% increased risk of motor vehicle crash…and mild to moderate sleep apnea was associated with a 13% increased risk of motor vehicle crash.”

But here is the really surprising thing:

A person without sleep apnea who only gets six hours of sleep a night also has a one-third increased risk of car crashes.

That’s a lot of car crashes!

Sleeping six hours per night was associated with a 33% increased crash risk, compared to sleeping seven or eight hours per night.”

How to get more sleep (with medical tape among other things)

Since good quality sleep is so critical to overall health (and to not crashing your car), it’s important to know how to get better sleep.

My first suggestion may seem a little weird, but it really works.

You’ll get more sleep and you will also wake up feeling much more refreshed.

You will also start to reverse the other negative health consequences of not sleeping well.

For a bunch of reasons that seem counterintuitive to most people, mouth breathing when you sleep is very problematic.

To solve this issue, simply put a piece of medical tape over your mouth vertically when you go to bed.

It will feel a bit uncomfortable at first.

But for most people, when they go from mouth breathing to nose breathing, the difference is remarkable.

The second suggestion has to do with sleep hygiene.

That’s just a fancy term for creating an environment that’s conducive to sleep.

I strongly recommend getting the electronic devices out of your bedroom at night, including your cell phone.

And get off the electronics (or use blue blocker glasses) for several hours before bedtime.

The light from the electronics can contribute to a lack of sleep. And the temptation of apps can keep you awake.

Getting enough good quality sleep is crucial to your health and wellbeing – perhaps even your life. It’s worth it to put in the effort.

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Sleep deficiency and motor vehicle crash risk in the general population: a prospective cohort study Sleep deficiency increases risk of a motor vehicle crash

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