White button mushrooms fight prostate cancer

White button mushrooms fight prostate cancer

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Nature seems to play a trick on men who have good testosterone levels.

And it plays the same trick in men who do not.

The trick is that nature turns testosterone and estrogen.

So men who have high testosterone often have high estrogen.

And men who have low testosterone may also have high estrogen sometimes.

That’s because the testosterone that they do produce doesn’t stay as testosterone.

The body often turns testosterone into estrogen.

But nature also provides some of the nutritional tools to stop the transformation of testosterone and estrogen.

One of those tools may be in the form of cheap ordinary supermarket white button mushrooms.

The process of converting testosterone into estrogen is called aromatization.
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It turns out that white button mushrooms, the kind that you get in any supermarket, hold the key to fighting this process.

They contain large amounts of an anti-aromatase ingredient which could stop the production of testosterone into estrogen.

At least, it can slow down the production of estrogen.

These results suggest that diets high in mushrooms may modulate the aromatase activity.

Don’t let the study’s references to breast-cancer fool you — it’s exactly the same for men.

Prostate inflammation and prostate cancer in men are caused by the same things that cause breast cancer in women.

High estrogen levels over a long period can induce cancer.

Properly prepared white button mushrooms can reduce the aromatase and estrogen levels.

And it may protect us against prostate cancer.

You have to make sure that you cook the mushrooms correctly.

If you don’t cook them correctly, the mushrooms aren’t as valuable to you.

They may even be irritating to your gut.

Properly used, they are one of the best defenses against the production of too much estrogen in the male body.

Who knew the tiny little mushroom could prevent cancer?



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White button mushroom phytochemicals inhibit aromatase activity and breast cancer cell proliferation 

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