New use for Pepcid AC

New use for Pepcid AC

[cmamad id=”6961″ align=”center” tabid=”display-desktop” mobid=”display-desktop” stg=””]As we age, we often become more resistant to insulin.

Also, our liver gets fatty.

In fact, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease affects at least 40% of men.

Put these two issues together, and we’re more likely to get diabetes.

At the rate we’re going, about one-third of men will get diabetes.

But there is good news.

An old medication has a new application to prevent diabetes, and you can buy over-the-counter!

Years ago they thought that acid reflux or heartburn was caused by too much stomach acid spilling into the esophagus.

As I noted recently in a breakthrough newsletter, that has been very soundly disproven.

Meanwhile, that doesn’t stop doctors from prescribing these drugs that inhibit stomach acid.

But one of the older drugs turns out to have some unique qualities.

And it’s turned out to be very useful not just for heartburn, but for preventing or treating diabetes.
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That drug is famotidine.

It’s not often that we have a study out of Jordan, but this is a good one.

And it is one of the several studies that I have investigated that show the same thing.

The study begins by asking the question, “why does famotidine cause low blood sugar?”

Researchers conducted this experiment on various animals.

heir results showed that there are more famotidine/Pepcid AC uses.

And the researchers found that famotidine increases the liver’s ability to store glycogen.

Plus, it retards the liver from dumping glycogen into the bloodstream.

This results in lower blood sugar and greater stores of liver glycogen.

Experimentally, famotidine increased significantly liver glycogen stores in fasting animal models. Moreover, a single oral dose of famotidine was shown to decrease the glycemic response curve.

This is great news for people with diabetes.

And it’s great news for pre-diabetics.

If you’re under a doctor’s treatment, you might want to ask your doctor about trying out famotidine.

One of the issues with famotidine is that it does lower stomach acid although not much.

However lowering stomach acid is an undesirable side effect.

It is possible to take famotidine with supplemental stomach acid.

You might want to do that to replace the stomach acid reduced by the famotidine, and so it will remove the side effect.

Famotidine can be a key to preventing full-on diabetes.

Talk to your doctor about it.

It’s available over-the-counter as Pepcid AC in the United States, and it has generic equivalents.

That’s the really great news — the drug is no longer under patent so many companies make it.



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Famotidine inhibits glycogen synthase kinase-3β: an investigation by docking simulation and experimental validation 

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