Are you going to try the potato diet?

Are you going to try the potato diet?

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More and more people are finding that they can lose a great deal of weight on the so-called “potato diet.”

In fact, one of the most successful people for potato diet weight loss is the magician, Penn Jillette.

Yes, he lost 170 pounds.

And I read his book about the journey.

If you’re familiar with their act, you know that Penn and Teller, make an effort to show you HOW they do certain tricks.

That’s part of what makes their act so great.

And Penn’s book follows the same pattern.

His book was written to show how he lost all that weight — and how you can do it too.

Now, I have my doubts that this is a safe way to go.

And it’s because that even according to the book, not everyone will do well on this diet.
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Mr. Jillette had paired with another person who could not safely manage the potato diet.

They had to drop out.

And the potato diet reviews are mixed that way, there are great results, but also some issues.

One reason for this could because potatoes are high in insulin.

And high levels of insulin cause arthritis and inflammation for many people.

Even if you do a potato diet, you need to pay attention to the potatoes you eat.

You need to make sure that you do not eat potatoes that are green, have eyes, blemished or damaged.

Those potatoes are sky high in insulin.

I personally can’t tolerate potatoes unless I peel them.

So if I’m going to do this, I’m going to peel the potatoes.

But — I’m not doing this. I’m just talking about it.

Jillette’s potato diet plan was pretty simple.

In the book, Mr. Jillette starts out purely with potatoes, boiled or roasted, without anything added even salt.

Then after a few weeks or a month, he started to add garnishes like salt or pepper.

And the eating plan really is just potatoes for weeks and even months.

Now, there are variations of the potato diet.

Some people say just eat potatoes only for dinner, or on Sundays.

Or they say to eat just potatoes during the day and then a regular meal at night.

And then there are some to say to only do the potato-only diet for two or three days at a time.

You can even search for potato diet recipes.

But is the potato diet safe?

There is a famous old study where a man and a woman were put on the potato diet for about six months.

The diet consisted of potatoes, supplemented with butter or pork fat with the addition of a few fruits (apples and pears);

Tea or black coffee and sugar were also occasionally taken.

The amount of fat consumed was not accurately estimated, it varied from 120-150 g. daily.

You can see right away that they did not eat just potatoes.

They ate potatoes, fat, and fruit, along with coffee and tea, and some sugar.

So I wouldn’t call this a righteous, true potato diet.

But the man and woman did very well over the six months.

And they did not crave any other foods.

They were very happy with their diet.

Notice that this diet has no animal protein and no beans.

It has no tofu.

In fact, it has nothing that classically would be “protein rich.”

But it turns out potatoes have a great deal of protein, and it’s the same quality of protein as an egg yolk.

Who knew the potatoes had high-quality protein in them?

You can live indefinitely on the protein in potatoes with very little or no extra.

It’s a complete food, with a perfect protein.

Here’s a list of the nutrients that 100 g of potato has.

That’s the size of a small potato:

If you compare it to an egg yolk, it’s just about as complete.

Of course, there’s not much protein in a potato.

If you’re going to get, say, 80 g of protein, you’re going to have to eat a lot of potatoes.

Three, or three and a half kilograms, or over five pounds of potatoes per day.

That’s a lot of potatoes to eat in one day!

But there is a technique called juicing a potato.

You can use this if you want to isolate the protein and just eat that.

You juice the potato after peeling it.

You take the juice, and you let it settle.

The starchy part settles at the bottom, and you pour off the top which is very rich in protein.

It can even be scrambled, and it will resemble a scrambled egg and consistency.

People who can’t tolerate animal products can eat potato protein and live on it.

You can also buy potato protein powder nowadays.

So I hope you can see that there’s a lot of merit in potatoes if you can tolerate them.

Most people can.

And the quality of the protein and the variations of what you can do with potatoes is staggering.

Plus if you’re just going to eat one food and you want to lose weight, you could try the potato diet.

Although, I am against huge sudden changes in diet as I think they’re very harmful to the metabolism.

But if you look at Mr. Jillette in the picture, I don’t think he looks so hot now that he’s very thin.

People that lose a great deal of weight suddenly also end up suffering from metabolic problems.

But from the book and what he says, he’s doing great, and there’s a lot to be said for that.



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