This strange hack amplifies tastes amazingly

Taste and Posture

It’s been called the “bland effect” and it can help you eat less and lose weight.

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This strange hack amplifies tastes amazingly

Have you ever ridden one of those “stand-up” roller coasters that are getting popular at amusement parks?

I haven’t personally… I’m not a big roller coaster person.

But I have friends who LOVE them and tell me that a stand-up roller coaster is a completely different experience from a sit-down roller coaster.

The sensations of the ride FEEL different.

Our brains are strange and don’t always interpret sensory input the same way from similar experiences.

You’ve probably observed this in your life – like my friends who ride the roller coasters – that a lot of what our brains do depends on our environment.

That’s certainly the case with food.

Food tastes better (or worse) in some situations over others.

I know that, for me, food enjoyed with my wife at a nice restaurant often tastes better than a similar meal at home.

I’ve also heard people say that their mom’s cooking is what ALWAYS tastes the best.

Weirdly enough, it’s not only the atmosphere that affects the taste of food, but also your posture.

If you are standing or sitting, you are likely to rate food on different scales of deliciousness.

And if you know this information (it’s a little obscure) you may be able to hack your body to lose weight more easily.

How taste is affected by posture…

I found this study to be really interesting because most of the time we think of things like the experience of taste as being static.

If we like a certain food (I love white chocolate), then it should always taste AS GOOD.


But, nope.

Since our entire body is a system, and our taste buds are part of that system, the posture we take – sitting or standing – can affect how food tastes!

“He found that holding a standing posture for even a few minutes prompts physical stress, muting taste buds.”

When you’re standing up, you won’t taste food as much.

That’s because the body is pushing blood around to the muscles that are required for standing.

More muscle exertion = fewer resources to taste food.

“The force of gravity pushes blood to the lower parts of the body, causing the heart to work harder to pump blood back up to the top of the body, accelerating heart rate.”

This causes a change in the way the taste of food is PERCEIVED.

Foods that normally taste great suddenly taste kind of bland – even to the SAME person.

“When people experience discomfort, foods that normally taste good do not appear as pleasant to the palate. Biswas confirmed his hypothesis by having 350 participants rate the tastiness of a pita chip. Those who were standing gave it a less favorable rating than those who were sitting in a padded chair.”

It’s weird, but it’s true.

You can make your food taste not as good by standing up to eat it.

This probably explains why, to me, food truck food isn’t as tasty if I’m walking around eating it, and why funnel cakes always taste better sitting down.

This “bland” effect can help you eat less…

If you want to give it a shot, you can try to eat while standing as a way to control the amount of food you eat – by doing that you are hacking your biological functions.

“Eating while standing can also help with long-term weight loss goals. Specifically, eating while standing (vs. sitting) leads to lower amounts of consumption.”

It’s a simple biological hack, but can be successful for many people.

Once you realize that your body and taste buds don’t produce static experiences, but change with the circumstances you find yourself in or create…

Then you can take that information and experiment with it to see exactly what works and what doesn’t for you.

It’s a good idea to run your own experiments – as long as what you’re trying is relatively safe.

This can help you get better results from your body and improve your health.

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