This 1 little tip makes her squirt like a fire hydrant

Do this exactly and watch as she transforms before your eyes…

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—-Important Message From Aaron Wilcoxx—-

This 1 little tip makes her squirt like a fire hydrant

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Hey, Aaron here, and I’m always encouraging couples who have been together for a while to try something new…

Because when we experience the same kind of O’s over and over again, our bodies get used to it…

So it stops feeling as good, it loses some of the intensity and power it once had.

Fortunately it’s so easy to fix — you just introduce one single change…

I often suggest this one special technique that triggers such intense pleasure in a woman…

…that she starts shuddering uncontrollably and squirting juices all over the place…

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When she’s squirting, you know that you’re doing it right!

And when you trigger this kind of response from her, you’re going to love how confident it makes you feel…

And even more, you’re going to love how slick and warm and wet she is when you slip inside!

Just copy this one technique — there are no books to read, no long reports… just step-by-step instructions for using this special squirting technique


If you have to get surgery, this can help you recover faster

A focus that I have in many of my transformations is reducing internal, chronic inflammation.

Inflammation is an important function in the body.

Inflammation is the body’s first line of defense, occurring as droves of immune cells rush to the site of injury or acute illness to make repairs and stem further damage.

But it’s also something that can get out of control and cause major body damage.

Usually this happens over time, but sometimes the situation can be acute and the damage can happen quickly.

However, when the recovery following an inflammatory response goes awry, it signals that damage is still occurring — and the inflammation itself can cause further injury, leading to more-severe illness or even death.

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In a study from Harvard Medical School

…researchers have identified a way that doctors can monitor if the inflammatory response is proceeding normally or if it has gotten out of control.

This could be a huge breakthrough in helping people effectively recover from both surgery and illness.

The scientists identified universal features of the inflammatory responses of patients who successfully recovered after surgery or acute illnesses such as COVID-19, heart attack, and sepsis. These features, they discovered, include precise paths that white blood cell and platelet counts follow as they return to normal.

It’s really fascinating that although doctors know that excessive inflammation is a problem…

…until now they haven’t had a good tool to tell whether inflammation is normal, or if it’s causing damage.

Although clinicians today are good at identifying patients who are experiencing inflammation based on signs like high white blood cell count or fever, “there’s no guidance on assessing how the inflammation is going, and whether it’s subsiding in an appropriate manner,” said senior author John Higgins, professor of systems biology in the Blavatnik Institute at HMS. “As physicians, we are surprisingly ill-equipped to distinguish patients whose inflammatory response is going well from patients whose response is not.”

Researchers found that there is a way to tell if a person’s inflammatory response is proceeding as expected.

When the inflammatory response is doing what it should be doing, the white blood cells decrease rapidly.

Moreover, the scientists could mathematically define the precise trajectories that indicated a successful recovery: White blood cell count underwent exponential decay, whereas platelet count increased linearly after a short delay.

The pattern of lower white blood cells and higher platelet counts is highly predictable and shows that a patient will recover well.

Patients who recover well generally follow a predictable pattern of decrease and increase in white blood cell count and platelet count, whereas patients who don’t recover well may have counts that are either too high or too low — or simply don’t change at the expected rates.

Understanding these patterns allows physicians to identify patients at high risk of having a damaging inflammation episode.

“Our approach really just identifies high-risk patients,” Higgins said. “We still have to study whether diagnosing something a little bit earlier is actually going to help, but at least we’d have a chance to intervene.”

Overall, this study is good news. It means that the medical community is finally starting to take runaway internal inflammation seriously.

It’s been a long time coming!

What I’ve found is that when you can reduce chronic internal inflammation in the body…

…you can also dramatically reduce pain, illness, and the incidence of most “aging” diseases.

The best news is that lowering inflammation is very much under your control.

You don’t have to wait for a doctor to tell you how to do it. You can do it yourself!

—-Important Message—-

Warning: this inflammatory killer chemical is making men limp

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This inflammatory killer builds up in the bloodstream…

And even one teaspoon of the inflammatory killer can kill erections and make men fat around the middle…

…as much as 10 pounds more fat with just a teaspoon of the inflammatory killer.

Even a teaspoon of the inflammatory killer wreaks havoc in your body.

Destroying the testosterone-producing Leydig cells…

…and causing you to have plaque build up in the blood vessels and even in the penile chambers…

Stop it before it’s too late — like this…


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