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Green Beret’s single touch secret to giving her explosive O’s

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Weird results from these 2 experimental diets

Kidney disease is a common and worrying complication of diabetes.

It’s seen by many doctors and specialists as something which is progressive and irreversible – but this is not true…

At least 1 in 7 people have unexplained improvement in their chronic kidney function over time.

One of the things that has been implicated in accelerating chronic kidney diseases is iron – too much iron.

The researchers carried out an experiment looking to reduce iron consumption and absorption in people with diabetic kidney disease.

The low-iron diet was also combined with a low carbohydrate diet – something which some researchers believe can also help.

I’m skeptical about that, but unfortunately they combined the 2 dietary factors in 1 experiment.

The researchers found that this low-iron diet could HALVE the need for kidney replacement and ALSO halve the number of deaths in kidney patients.

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The human research was performed at San Francisco General Hospital and University of California-San Francisco. The paper was published in Diabetes.

Uraemia is the medical term given to the buildup of toxins in the blood which occurs when the kidneys stop filtering toxins into your urine.

It occurs at later stages of kidney disease – which can be caused by diabetes.

Diabetic uraemia is a very serious condition which can lead to death.

The treatments are chemicals, then dialysis, and then kidney transplant surgery.

“Diabetic nephropathy has become the leading cause of uremia.”

Decreasing protein intake is widely touted as having beneficial effects in kidney disease – but there are many other things which can also help.

“Several lines of evidence suggest dietary factors other than protein intake have a substantial role in the progression of diabetic nephropathy to end-stage renal disease.”

This experiment combined 2 ideas. 1 is that low carbohydrate diets can be beneficial for people with kidney disease.

The second, and to me the more interesting idea, is that limiting iron can help with kidney disease.

Iron is a reactive substance which causes inflammation and damage to every part of the body when it is held in excess.

The researchers created a diet which was low in absorbable iron and high in substances which prevent iron from being absorbed in the gut – in this case polyphenols.

These substances are abundant in foods like fruit, coffee, and cocoa.

“We evaluated whether a carbohydrate-restricted, low-iron, polyphenol-enriched diet may delay and improve the outcome of diabetic nephropathy.”

They recruited almost 200 people for their study. The participants were randomly split into 2 groups.

The 2 groups were put on 1 of 2 experimental diets.

1 group was put on a low-protein diet. The other group was put on the low-carbohydrate, low-iron, and high-polyphenol diet.

“The following outcomes were monitored: doubling of serum creatinine, cumulative incidence of end-stage renal disease, and all cause mortality.”

The participants were followed for about 4 years, and there was a significant difference in uraemia between the 2 groups.

Uraemia was measured by creatinine – which builds up in the blood of people with kidney problems.

People on the low-carb, low-iron diet were almost half as likely to double their creatinine levels during the course of the experiment.

This diet may half the rate of kidney damage.

“Over a mean follow-up interval of 4 years, serum creatinine concentration doubled in 21% of patients on carbohydrate-restricted, low-iron, polyphenol-enriched diet and in 39% of control subjects.”

The researchers found similar things when they looked at the risk of death and the risk of needing a kidney transplant.

This experimental, low-iron diet seems to halve the risk of kidney transplants and deaths over a 4-year period.

“Renal replacement therapy or death occurred in 20% patients on carbohydrate-restricted, low-iron, polyphenol-enriched diet and in 39% of control subjects.”

Remember too that this was compared against a low-protein diet – something which can be quite beneficial already for people with kidney disease.

I believe that most of the benefits of this diet are because of its ability to reduce the amount of iron in the body…

Something which otherwise causes inflammation, which can destroy organs – including the kidneys.

“In conclusion, carbohydrate-restricted, low-iron, polyphenol-enriched diet was 40-50% more effective than standard protein restriction in improving renal and overall survival rates.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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A low-iron-available, polyphenol-enriched, carbohydrate-restricted diet to slow progression of diabetic nephropathy