Exercise and less stress fixes ED

Exercise and less stress fixes ED

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There’s a lot that’s being written about endothelial dysfunction.

The endothelial tissue is the foundation for our arteries, and also for the penile chambers.

It’s important not to have endothelial dysfunction.

If you do, it becomes a domino effect where all kinds of other dysfunction will result.

Sexual dysfunction, atherosclerosis, and heart disease can all become problems.

So in this study, they take some nice healthy mice that are living a good life with other mice.

Then the researchers put these mice in a tiny little cage and isolated them for days at a time.

You’d expect emotional issues to develop from isolation, not physical.

Many people suffer from both anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

But there were physical effects of the isolation!

The isolated mice developed endothelial dysfunction.

Here the researchers make a big mistake.

They claim that it’s a sign that physical inactivity causes endothelial dysfunction.

Which may be true.

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But what the study really shows is that stressed, lonely mice suffer endothelial dysfunction.

This is probably more accurate.

Human beings who are isolated and sitting around depressed probably suffer endothelial dysfunction as well.

The researchers claim:

Physical inactivity can reduce vascular expression of e-NOS and thereby elicit endothelial dysfunction in the absence of other cardiovascular risk factors.

Basically, isolating the mice caused nitric oxide levels to fall.

But it comes back when the mice were reunited with other mice and given exercise.

What this says is even if you’re sedentary and stressed-out, things can come back for you once you exercise and get with other people.

That’s right… exercise and less stress fixes ED.

In the meantime, you may have endothelial dysfunction — which may result in erectile dysfunction.

This would be an expected outcome from being stressed out, inactive, and depressed.

Endothelial dysfunction is a well-known pathologic condition that is associated with a variety of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease, hypertension, heart failure, and diabetes.

In patients with cardiovascular disease, exercise reduces the degree of endothelial dysfunction, whereas in young healthy individuals normal physical activity and/or moderate exercise might delay the development of cardiovascular disorders by maintaining normal endothelial function.

This probably applies in spades to erectile dysfunction.

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Physical inactivity causes endothelial dysfunction in healthy young mice

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