This simple supplement combo improves performance

Combining these 3 safe supplements boosts libido, rockiness, confidence, and more…

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This simple supplement combo improves sexual performance

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I’ve perfected a simple supplement combination that safely lowers estrogen and prolactin while raising testosterone.

Estrogen and prolactin can build up in a man… giving him belly fat, erections problems, low libido, low confidence, even prostate problems…

But this simple combo stops the build-up… so instead T is rising while estrogen and prolactin fall.

Here’s the simple supplement combo that any man can use a healthier, sexier life


Combining these 2 supplements reverses aging?

Hey, Matt Cook here, and this simple combo, which involves 2 over the counter supplements, can reverse aging and improve your health.

A new human study suggests that the combo of NAC and Glycine improves glutathione deficiency.

Glutathione is a critical regulator of oxidative stress and immune function. It is the main antioxidant in our bodies.

And it is known that glutathione levels start to drop after the age of 45.

“These data suggest that there is a continuous, linear increase in oxidative events throughout adult life but that the capacity of the GSH antioxidant system is maintained until 45 years and then declines rapidly”

The main building blocks of glutathione are glycine and NAC.

So, by supplementing Glycine and NAC, We can give our glutathione reserves an opportunity to restock.

At least, that is what the study suggests.

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If we do not give the building blocks to our body, it can not synthesize glutathione and deficiency of it causes aging.

“Aging is associated with GSH deficiency and elevated OxS (22,23). We discovered that GSH deficiency in OA occurs due to impaired synthesis.”

This 16 weeks randomized clinical trial study looks at glutathione concentration, oxidative stress, body composition, and more.

In the study, 24 overweight older adults and 12 young adults were enrolled.

They chose overweight old adults because a previous rodent study showed that Glycine and NAC combo resulted in weight loss.

“The BMI criteria were selected as rodent studies had shown weight-loss, and this was a safeguard against possible excess weight-loss in OA.”

Participants took 100mg/kg daily, so for a 80kg male they were taking 8 grams Glycine and 8 grams of NAC respectively.

It is a relatively high dose however…

After 16 weeks, the concentration of glutathione in muscles nearly tripled.

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After 16 weeks, the concentration of glutathione was 6.3 mmol/kg…

…which is close to the concentration of young people, which was 7.0 mmol/kg.

Glycine and NAC supplements almost fully corrected the deficiency glutathione levels.

Basically, this combo returns your glutathione levels to your youth days.

And the improvements don’t just end there.

The study also shows that this combo improved gait speed, resulted in weight loss, and improved inflammation.

“Compared to YA, OA had higher plasma concentrations of proinflammatory cytokines before supplementation. (…) Only GlyNAC supplementation resulted in improvements after 2-weeks (lowered IL-6 57%, TNFα 30%, hsCRP 25%) and after 16-weeks (lowered IL-6 78%, TNFα 54%, hsCRP 41%)”

Although old adults (OA) had higher markers of inflammation…

…after only 2 weeks of supplementation, those markers started to drop significantly.

What is more is that the study also reports that this GlyNAC combo did not cause any unwanted effects.

“Participants did not report any adverse events related to the use of supplements (GlyNAC or placebo) during the trial.”

The study’s results are great, but one might think why don’t we just take glutathione supplements if it’s this beneficial?

First and foremost, glutathione supplements are generally unstable.

In fact, another study on glutathione which was published in 2019 suggests what I just said above.

“Inclusion of GSH in over-the-counter supplements is of limited value, since the reduced state will not be maintained when exposed to normal atmospheric conditions and room temperature.”

By the time you take glutathione supplements, most of them would not be useful anymore.

However, to counter this issue some supplement companies created what is called Liposomal Glutathione.

Liposomal Glutathione is protected from decaying and directly gets into the cells.

Yet, this can result in the opposite of what we want.

The first study I mentioned warns that we can impair the regulatory system of our cells if we supplement glutathione.

“It is critically essential to understand that each tissue maintains a different amount of GSH based on its metabolic demands. This demand is dynamic and variable. This is why cells regulate their own GSH synthesis, i.e., physiologically, intracellular GSH adequacy is determined by cellular synthesis and not via plasma delivery, or via GSH consumption or administration

Thus, we should not interfere with the delicate balance of our cells…

…but rather we should give it building blocks to produce more glutathione.

All in all, this easily available combo is a great opportunity for older men.

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