They’re wrong about this – it’s a dangerous fad

Please don’t fall for this – it can ruin your rockiness

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They’re wrong about this – it’s a dangerous fad

Hey, Matt Cook here, and most people like a drink every now and then.

And everyone knows that alcohol can damage your liver.

So people take various steps to try to minimize damage done to the liver when drinking.

Some people take fish oil before or after drinking – because they have been led to believe that this is a universally beneficial supplement.

In reality, fish oil is a waste product which has been successfully marketed using misleading studies and incorrect assumptions.

Animal studies have shown that fish oil significantly increases liver damage caused by alcohol consumption.

Fish oil can cause liver damage on its own too.

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The animal experiments were carried out at New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. The findings were published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

The authors were investigating factors related to liver disease.

The first is lipid peroxidation – the breakdown of unstable fats into harmful byproducts.

They were also looking at a protein which is responsible for detoxification – including detoxification of alcohol.

This detox protein is called CYP 2E1.

“We evaluated the role of changes in CYP 2E1 and lipid peroxidation in relation to development of severe liver injury in fish oil-ethanol-fed rats.”

For the experiments, rats were split into 5 different groups. The 5 groups were fed different diets.

One group was fed a normal diet and were used for baseline comparison.

The 4 experimental diets were with the addition of:

  • Corn oil and alcohol.
  • Corn oil and dextrose (sugar).
  • Fish oil and alcohol.
  • Fish oil and sugar.

The researchers looked for changes in markers of liver damage in all of the animals.

They also looked at liver pathology – a post-mortem analysis of the health of the liver.

There were no signs of liver damage in the animals in the groups which were fed sugar.

“No pathological changes were evident in the dextrose-fed controls.”

The researchers saw an increase in liver damage in animals fed corn oil and alcohol.

But the greatest degree of liver damage was found in the animals which consumed both fish oil and alcohol.

“The liver pathology score was significantly higher in the fish oil + alcohol group than in the corn oil + alcohol group.”

Vegetable oils like corn oil are bad for your liver – but fish oil may be worse.

The researchers also found significantly increased levels of the detox protein CYP 2E1.

It seems as if the liver was unable to properly detoxify alcohol when combined with fish oil.

The CYP 2E1 protein levels were significantly higher in the fish oil + alcohol group compared to the corn oil + alcohol group and the fish oil + sugar group.”

The researchers also uncovered evidence of increased lipid peroxidation – the breakdown of fish oil into harmful byproducts.

They believe that this lipid peroxidation is partly responsible for the liver damage caused by the combination of fish oil and alcohol.

“We found markedly increased lipid peroxidation in the fish oil + alcohol group and this provides one possible explanation for the greater severity of liver injury in this group.”

The research proves once again the dangers associated with one of the world’s most popular supplements – fish oils.

There are mountains of animal and human research showing just how harmful these fats really are.

Of course, the best way to minimize liver damage from alcohol is to minimize alcohol intake.

But you need to minimize your consumption of polyunsaturated fats too – these being vegetable oils and fish oils.

Some fruit, vitamin B1, B2, and a caffeinated beverage can help to reduce the damage caused by alcohol to the liver.

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Markedly enhanced cytochrome P450 2E1 induction and lipid peroxidation is associated with severe liver injury in fish oil-ethanol-fed rats