This 1 androgen boost can make belly fat disappear

And some men are doing it in one single bite…

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How these men are getting sky high T with just 1 bite

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Here’s how all of these men are getting naturally sky high testosterone with just 1 bite…


This 1 androgen boost can make belly fat disappear

Hey, Matt Cook here, and most guys know that testosterone is important for maintaining muscle mass and sexual performance.

But testosterone is also very important for metabolic health.

We see that men with big bellies and metabolic issues like insulin resistance and type II diabetes tend to have low testosterone.

But can simply supplementing testosterone improve these problems?

Swedish researchers discovered that even moderate amounts of testosterone can decrease visceral fat.

Visceral fat is the dangerous fat that wraps around the organs in the belly.

Testosterone also improved insulin resistance and other markers of metabolic dysfunction.

Testosterone is not just for muscle building – it’s central to your metabolic health.

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The human study was carried out at the Sahlgren’s Hospital, University of Göteborg in Sweden. The paper was published in Obesity Research.

The researchers recruited 31 men over the age of 40 for the nine-month study.

The men were split into 3 different groups randomly, and the men in those groups were given different treatments.

“Middle-aged men with abdominal obesity were treated in a double-blind study with testosterone (T), dihydrotestosterone (DHT), or placebo.”

All of the men had abdominal obesity – very large waists. This is one of the most dangerous biomarkers.

It indicates high levels of visceral fat – fat which wraps around internal organs causing health problems.

“Testosterone supplementation resulted in moderately elevated T concentrations in the blood.”

In this study, the researchers gave moderate doses of testosterone or DHT – a close relative of testosterone.

The researchers were not giving the high doses used by cage fighters or bodybuilders.

The men given DHT alone experienced lower testosterone – a warning against supplementing this hormone on its own.

“While the DHT group showed elevated DHT and markedly lower T values.”

The men given testosterone had significant reductions in visceral fat mass after 9 months.

They experienced decreased waist size and this was due to decreasing fat in and around internal organs.

In the group treated with testosterone, visceral fat mass decreased without significant changes in other depot fat regions.”

The men didn’t gain any muscle because they were not taking large amounts of testosterone.

Larger doses can result in about 10% increase in muscle mass without even working out.

Of course, larger doses come with a greater risk of side effects.

“Lean body mass did not change.”

The study showed a significant increase in glucose disposal rate. This is a marker of insulin resistance.

Increasing glucose disposal rate indicates improving metabolic health.

“In the group treated with T, glucose disposal was markedly increased.”

Glucose disposal rate is a marker of insulin resistance. It increased from 11.6 to 14.3 with testosterone. Higher is better.

Lower glucose disposal rate indicates greater risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetic retinopathy and severe kidney disease.

Those results indicate significantly decreased risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases.

The researchers also found significant changes in many of the markers your doctor may be most interested in.

I don’t think these are a problem in themselves – but the numbers often “improve” when root causes are addressed.

“Plasma triglycerides, cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose concentrations as well as diastolic blood pressure decreased in the T group.”

Those benefits were only uncovered in the testosterone supplementation group.

“There were no such changes in the DHT or placebo treatment groups.”

And perhaps most importantly, the men taking testosterone felt much better.

“The men treated with T reported increased well-being and energy.”

Neither testosterone or DHT supplementation produced any concerns for risk factors relating to prostate health.

“In none of the groups did prostate volume, specific prostate antigen concentration, genito-urinary history, or urinary flow measurement change.”

Increasing testosterone can have many benefits for men with metabolic problems.

Doing it naturally is normally better – but direct testosterone supplementation may be necessary…

…and it can be done safely if the doctor knows what they’re doing.

“It is suggested that supplementation of abdominal obese men with moderate doses of T might have several beneficial effects.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner by treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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