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—-Important Message From RJ—-

Can you start a romantic relationship without EVER asking her out?

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I confess, I’ve become a bit of a wimp with this new method I perfected.

I can’t stand rejection anymore.

I NEVER do what I used to do — how could I ask girls out and risk all that rejection?

I’m spoiled with my new stealth discovery.

And now any guy can use this method and have his pick of the litter.

Younger girls, attractive girls, knockout girls…

I put my method into this short little tutorial — watch it only if you are sick of rejection and never want to get rejected again — but want to get laid like crazy

(WARNING: This contains triggers and may be NSFW or not good for guys trying to avoid adult triggers.)


This at home treatment works better than the flu shot

Flu season seems like it’s getting worse every year.

This year is the worst season I’ve seen.

But with weakened immune systems and unhealthy lifestyles becoming more prevalent…

…it’s no wonder that the flu is becoming more and more of a problem for people.

Processed foods full of toxic seed oils, additives, and pesticides…

Staying indoors while covered in artificial light and devoid of sunlight…

Air pollution…

EMF exposure…

And on and on…

These are all contributing to this problem.

When our immune systems are weakened, we’re more susceptible to getting sick – and the flu is no exception.

In fact, while counting these, I shared with you ways to avoid getting the flu.

You can boost your immune system by doing the opposite of these things.

But we all need a little extra boost every now and then.

After all, the flu is natural – it only becomes a serious problem when it’s severe.

The flu that lasts for a long time and completely wipes you out…

The one that prevents us from going about our daily lives, working, and spending time with family…

This is the type of flu we’re trying to avoid…

That’s when we need those extra boosts – and today, we’ll explore one.


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This study was conducted at D’Annunzio University of Chieti, Italy. It was published in Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis.

Colostrum is a substance that’s similar to breast milk.

It is produced by mammals during the first few days after giving birth.

It’s important because it helps newborns develop a robust immune system.

Colostrum provides them with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

And now, we can get it as a supplement (or, if you’re lucky, fresh from the farm).

In today’s study, the researchers conducted an experiment to test its effectiveness in preventing the flu.

There were 2 methods for 2 experimental groups:

  1. Taking oral colostrum for 2 months.
  2. Receiving an anti-influenza vaccination.

The researchers followed up with the participants for 3 months after the treatment to see how many times they got the flu and how severe it was.

They also looked at how many complications and hospital admissions occurred in each group.

The results showed that the group receiving colostrum had fewer flu episodes and fewer days with flu than those who did not receive any treatment or just the vaccination.

“After 3 months of follow-up, the number of days with flu was 3 times higher in the non-colostrum subjects.”

“The colostrum group had 13 episodes versus 14 in the colostrum + vaccination group, 41 in the group without prophylaxis, and 57 in nontreated subjects.”

Additionally, complications and hospital admission were lower in the colostrum group.

Taking colostrum capsules was at least 3 times more effective in preventing the flu than getting an anti-influenza vaccination.

“Colostrum, both in healthy subjects and high-risk cardiovascular patients, is at least 3 times more effective than vaccination to prevent flu and is very cost-effective.”

Those are pretty good results if you ask me…

Colostrum contains antibodies, growth factors, and nutrients that help boost the immune system and protect against infection.

This was probably the reason why it was so effective in the study.

—-Important Message About Avoiding Sickness This Holiday Season—-

Fly with this in your pocket and never get sick again (may even prevent the virus)

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I’ve discovered a special new form of vitamin C called Super C…

And it delivers 150x more health benefits than regular vitamin C.

See, the problem is, when men take normal vitamin C, it only stays in the bloodstream for a few minutes…

But when men take SUPER vitamin C, it stays in the bloodstream for HOURS…

And it penetrates the tissues, the organs, the glands, and even the brain.

So when you take Super C before getting on a plane, your cells will be encased in armor, so germs just bounce off you.

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