How to give her a Triple Crown O tonight

Just penetrate her this way…

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—-Important Message For Driving a Woman Wild in Bed—-

How to give her a Triple Crown orgasm tonight

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It turns out that there’s a hidden magical spot inside a woman that gives her a super O…

And no, this spot is NOT the G-spot.

This spot is actually along the deepest part of the vagina along the back wall, slightly past her cervix…

And this spot is super difficult for most men to reach — because most of us aren’t hiding some monster in our pants…

So what can a man do to give a woman this super O she’s craving?

Just penetrate her like this (works no matter your size)…


Preparing your coffee this way boosts the benefits and reduces anxiety

People have contradictory ideas about the effects of coffee on mood and state.

Many people will tell you that they feel much better after they’ve had their morning coffee.

Yet others will claim that coffee makes you jittery and anxious.

Coffee can make you jittery and anxious – but only if there is an underlying energetic problem.

For example, if you drink strong coffee without having anything to eat…

…you may get anxious due to the stress response caused by the increase in metabolism in the absence of energy (food) to support it.

And animal research shows that some of the compounds which give coffee its characteristic flavor have potent anti-anxiety effects.

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The animal experiments were performed at Notre Dame Seishin University in Okayama, Japan. The paper was published in Neuroscience Letters.

Coffee is a complex brew. We know that caffeine is largely responsible for the stimulating effect of coffee.

But the authors of this study were interested in the potential mood modifying effects of other coffee compounds.

“We wished to clarify the relationship between the volatile compounds present in roasted coffee beans and psychological stress.”

They carried out numerous experiments on rodents using purified volatile compounds from coffee.

“We investigated the stress-reducing potential of coffee volatiles in mice using a variety of behavioral pharmacology methods.”

They looked at the effects of these compounds on animal behavior.

They also gave the animals some treatments which make them sleepy.

They then analyzed how volatile compounds from coffee affected these behavioral patterns.

Rats are cautious, anxious animals that keep to dark corners and run along the edges of things.

They don’t go for wide open spaces (where they might get nabbed by a cat.)

Under the influence of these coffee compounds, the rodents were more likely to spend time out in the open.

They were less jittery, less jumpy.

“In the elevated plus-maze test, exposure to coffee volatiles increased the time spent in and the number of entries into the open arms without increasing spontaneous locomotor activity.”

These behavioral indicators of reduced anxiety were confirmed when the researchers gave the animals a sedative chemical which puts them to sleep.

The animals slept longer when they had also been given these coffee compounds – indicating that it has a slightly sedative and antianxiety effect.

“Pentobarbital-induced sleep time was prolonged by volatile exposure.”

I often think about tea as a less stimulating version of coffee.

I know that tea contains a calming compound known as l-theanine, which is not present in coffee.

But these fascinating experiments show that coffee has its own calming, anti-anxiety compounds, just like tea does.

Coffee has profoundly beneficial effects on gut health – a place where much of our stress and anxiety comes from.

Coffee also helps to lower the primary stress hormone cortisol.

These important experiments show that coffee has other compounds which also significantly decrease stress and anxiety.

“These results suggest that coffee volatiles lower the arousal level and exert anti-anxiety-like, stress-reducing effects in mice.”

I read a lot about coffee and talk to a lot of people about their coffee experiences.

In general, once people are drinking coffee with plenty of food to support the increase in metabolism, they have a good experience with it.

Do you want to know how you can maximize your consumption of coffee volatiles?

Well, how coffee is processed and brewed can have a large effect on the amount and types of volatile compounds contained in the brew.

“Overall, roasting conditions and extraction methods were determined to be significant factors for volatile compounds in coffee.”

A finer grind seems to lead to larger amounts of these volatile compounds.

“Grind size was inversely proportional to the measured signal of volatiles by GC-MS.”

Using filtered water also seems to increase coffee volatile extraction into the final brew.

“The measured intensities of three coffee volatile compounds were significantly higher in coffee brewed with filtered water.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

—-Important Message—-

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Anxiolytic and hypnotic effects in mice of roasted coffee bean volatile compounds of Volatile Compounds in Coffee Prepared by Various Brewing and Roasting Methods