How 48,246 men are having intercourse every day now

They’re using this one unusual technique…

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—-Important Message About This Unusual Technique—-

How thousands of men are having intercourse every day now

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Amazingly, this works for almost any man, whether he’s had erections problems or not.

In fact, I started using this method myself when I was going through bad erections problems…I had nothing but a flat tire down there…

…and yet…this method still was allowing me to have great intercourse with my wife.

It is working unbelievably well, and it will make your wife or girlfriend feel really good.

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My favorite over the counter remedy for erections problems

A while back, I published some human research looking at the effect of aspirin on vasculogenic erections problems.

That study found that 100 mg of aspirin, once a day, can help men with vasculogenic erections problems.

Some guys contacted me about concerns they had regarding aspirin and erections problems.

You see, over the last few years, there has been some speculation that aspirin causes poor rockiness.

For example, a 2015 study published in the Journal of Urology found that men with no history of erections problems who used aspirin regularly…

…were more likely to develop poor erections over 5 years than men who did not use aspirin.

Some are using this to claim that aspirin causes erections problems.

But I think this relationship is most likely because these men are taking aspirin to deal with underlying vascular problems that cause poor rockiness.

Animal experiments back this up – showing that aspirin does not cause poor rockiness.

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The animal experiments were performed at Sichuan University in China. This paper was published in Scientific Reports.

“Aspirin has been one of the most widely used medicines since its initial synthesis; however, the association between Aspirin and ‘penile’ function is still controversial.”

The researchers wanted to investigate the theoretical speculations that aspirin could harm rockiness.

“We aim to explore whether long-term aspirin administration deteriorates or preserves ‘penile’ function from adult rats and the aging rat model.”

The research was carried out on 40 rats split into 4 groups.

Old or aging rats were put into groups where they were given or not given aspirin.

“Twenty adult rats (10 weeks of age) and twenty aging rats (80 weeks of age) were randomly divided into four groups as follows…”

Groups were:

  • Adult-Control (No aspirin)
  • Adult-Aspirin (Aspirin, 10 mg/kg/d)
  • Aging-Control (No aspirin)
  • Aging-Aspirin (Aspirin, 10 mg/kg/d)

Rockiness was measured using several different mechanisms.

All of these mechanisms measure blood flow in the penis during rockiness.

“For all rats, ‘penile’ function was assessed by maximum intracavernous pressure, total area under ICP curve, ICP/mean arterial pressure (MAP) ratio, and MAP.”

The experiment ran for 1 month.

The researchers also looked at numerous other factors of penis health, which can influence the ability to get and maintain strong rockiness.

Unsurprisingly, older rats had weaker rockiness.

“Ageing-Control rats revealed significantly decreased ICP, AUC, and ICP/MAP ratios compared to Adult-Control rats.”

Changes in erections were accompanied by some other biochemical changes which affect the ability of the penis to swell with blood.

“These effects were accompanied by reduced eNOS protein expression and lower total NO and cGMP levels; however, no difference was found in nNOS protein expression.”

But the research showed that giving aspirin to young adult rodents did not impair their ability to achieve rockiness.

“However, aspirin didn’t change the ICP, AUC, or ICP/ MAP ratios nor altered the protein expression of eNOS, nNOS, COX-1, and COX-2.”

Aspirin did not affect erections or the most important biochemical markers of rockiness.

“Aspirin did not influence the concentrations of total NO, cAMP, or cGMP.”

Aspirin also did not affect erections in older rodents.

“The same tendency was also found in the aging rat model, which confirmed that aspirin did not alter ‘penile’ function.”

As I suspected, aspirin did not affect erections in healthy animals.

Of course, this does not disprove the human research showing low-dose aspirin benefits erections in men with vasculogenic erections problems.

“Our data suggested that long-term Aspirin administration did not strengthen or weaken ‘penile’ function in adult rats or the aging rat model.”

Again, do not expect aspirin to cause erections problems. There is no evidence for this.

“Thus, it had no impact on ‘penile’ function.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for medical diagnosis and treatment guidance.

—-Important Message About Boosting Blood Flow Down There—-

My 2-step method: boost blood flow, boost size

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