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Combining these 2 ingredients can prevent embarrassing senile moments

Caffeine is one of the most effective and safe substances when it comes to improving cognitive performance.

That’s why I always recommend that men drink coffee.

Coffee is – among other benefits – the most effective and healthy way to get caffeine (and also the most delicious).

Don’t tell me that your brain doesn’t work faster after drinking coffee – I won’t believe it.

Because mine is literally on fire after a freshly brewed coffee.

But sometimes, that fire is too much, and I get jittery and anxious.

Coffee is known to do that – not everyone tolerates it at the same rate.

But we don’t want to deprive ourselves of this magical beverage.

So we should use proven ways to offset such side effects.

Here are some of those ways:

  • Always drink coffee with sugar to offset stress response
  • Drink it after meals where you are properly fed
  • Take L-theanine with it

L-Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves, particularly green tea.

It is commonly used as a dietary supplement to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety.

It is a GABA agonist which directly offsets caffeine’s anxiolytic and excitatory effects.

But don’t just think of L-theanine as a mere counteractant.

When combined with caffeine, they make an INCREDIBLY potent combination – especially when it comes to cognitive performance.

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This study was conducted at Unilever Food and Health Research Institute, the Netherlands. It was published in Nutritional Neuroscience.

The researchers conducted an experiment to observe the effect of caffeine and its combination with L-theanine on cognition and mood.

This experiment was done on 27 healthy people.

The tests performed were

  • Recognition
  • Rapid visual information processing
  • Critical flicker fusion threshold
  • Attention switching
  • Mood

Subjects were given:

  • 50mg caffeine alone.
  • 50mg caffeine and 100mg L-theanine combined together.

In most of the tests caffeine produced improvements, but when combined with l-theanine these improvements were greater.

“L-theanine+caffeine treatments produced significant changes in performance relative to placebo.”

For example, subjects responded faster to the tests, and their answers were more accurate.

“What was interesting is that although both caffeine and the L-theanine+caffeine combination improved response speed and accuracy, it was only the latter that improved them simultaneously.”

They remembered more words in the recall test.

“The combined treatment also led to an increase in the number of correctly identified new words in the word recognition task. This effect was significant relative to placebo at both 60 min and 90 min post-ingestion.”

They were less distracted.

“Participants were, therefore, less susceptible to distraction following ingestion of L-theanine and caffeine in combination.”

Last but not least, L-theanine increased alertness and ability to focus.

“L-theanine is known to improve attention-related anticipatory alpha14 and caffeine, as demonstrated in the current study, can increase alertness. Thus, the combination was associated with an improved ability to focus attention, whilst caffeine alone led to an improvement in basic response speed or accuracy but not both.”

As you can see, theanine is an excellent substance to use alongside caffeine.

The nootropic community also loves this combination – they are BIG on cognitive performance enhancers.

If you want a boost, try theanine and caffeine together.

As I said, it will also protect you from the side effects of caffeine.

The common dose is a ratio of 1 to 2, i.e. 100mg caffeine to 200mg theanine

Considering that a cup of coffee contains roughly 100mg of caffeine, a 200mg capsule should be sufficient.

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This additive in the U.S. food supply is in almost ALL foods — and it’s killing men

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It’s being called the “killer lipid” by knowledgeable scientists, and it’s giving men catastrophic health problems.

Belly fat, diabetes, low testosterone, erections problems…

…cancer and even Alzheimer’s….

This killer lipid is hiding in virtually every food item in America.

And with every bite, the killer lipid slips into the bloodstream and travels throughout the body, wreaking havoc wherever it goes.

Who knows how much you’ve already ingested today.

So how do you stop this killer lipid from slipping into your bloodstream and infecting your body?


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