What eating Chinese yams does for men down there

Men in China have been eating this food for 3,000 years for one very good reason…

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What eating Chinese yams does for men down there

The Chinese yam is a root vegetable used in Asia for thousands of years.

It’s a staple food, but it’s also known to have health benefits, particularly when prepared in certain ways.

One study showed that Chinese yam extract could profoundly affect the penis and testicles…

…increasing testosterone and reversing the structural changes that cause poor rockiness.

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The animal experiments were conducted at the Changchun University of Chinese Medicine in China. This paper was published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

“Chinese yam has been used for more than 2000 years to nourish kidney-yang and protect the male reproductive system, and might be efficacious for the treatment of ‘penile’ dysfunction.”

In Chinese Traditional Medicine, kidney-yang is believed responsible for reproductive and sexual functions.

The researchers created a group of low-testosterone rodents with erections problems.

They did this using hydrocortisone – a synthetic equivalent of the human stress hormone cortisol.

“This study aimed to investigate the active component extract of Chinese yam, and determine its effectiveness in hydrocortisone-induced “kidney-yang deficiency syndrome” rats.”

The researchers tested the extract on rats and also on cells.

“The extract was also tested in oxidatively damaged TM3 cells and explored the underlying mechanism on restoring ‘penile’ function.”

TM3 cells are a mouse Leydig cell line.

Leydig cells are found in the testicles and are crucial in producing testosterone.

The rats were dosed daily with hydrocortisone and Chinese yam extract.

The extract was effective at reversing poor erections and testicular problems.

“Chinese yam cold-soaking extract successfully restored ‘penile’ function through ameliorating testicular function.”

The extract increases nitric oxide production in the penis, which helps to trigger rockiness.

More importantly, the extract reversed the structural changes inside the penis that prevented it from getting rocky.

“The extract can stimulate the nitric oxide/cyclic guanosine monophosphate pathway and restore the cavernous morphology to protect against kidney-yang deficiency syndrome-induced ‘penile’ dysfunction.”

Cavernous morphology refers to the corpus cavernosum, the sponge-like “firmness” tissue in the penis.

These tissues are crucial in achieving and maintaining erections by filling with blood when sexually aroused.

As well as regenerating penis tissue and reversing erections problems, the extract benefitted male hormones produced in the testicles.

Chinese young extract protects the testicles from structural degeneration and increases testosterone production.

“Chinese yam also protected testis morphology, increased Leydig cell proliferation, and stimulated testosterone secretion.”

The researchers believe that free electrons triggered by hydrocortisone led to degenerative changes in the penis and testicles.

Chinese yam extract increased antioxidant defenses to reverse this problem.

“In the oxidative stress damaged testes the antioxidant defense system was activated.”

The researchers validated many of these findings using the mouse cells.

“These findings were also validated in vitro.”

They identified a fibrosis pathway as one of the reasons why hydrocortisone (or cortisol) induces erections problems.

Fibrosis was blocked and reversed by the Chinese yam extract.

“Additionally, fibrosis of the testes and TM3 cells was reversed by the extract through the TGF-β1/SMAD2/3 pathway.”

Fibrosis is the excessive accumulation of fibrous connective tissue in the corpus cavernosum, leading to reduced blood flow, decreased tissue elasticity, and impaired erections – a major cause of erections problems.

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for medical diagnosis and treatment guidance.

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The cold-soaking extract of Chinese yam (Dioscorea opposita Thunb.) protects against erectile dysfunction by ameliorating testicular function in hydrocortisone-induced KDS-Yang rats and in oxidatively damaged TM3 cellshttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32791294/