Doing this for just 8 minutes a day can fix blood flow problems

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Doing this for just 8 minutes a day can fix blood flow problems

Sitting for long periods is associated with all sorts of health problems.

Just the act of sitting restricts blood flow. 

Depending on age, body weight, and cardiovascular health, sitting can cause real problems.

This restriction of blood flow can eventually lead to damage of the lower limbs.

Sitting restricts blood flow to the superficial femoral artery – one of the blood vessels most affected by atherosclerosis.

Researchers have found that walking for eight minutes every two hours can significantly improve blood flow to the superficial femoral artery.

These findings are important for anyone who spends extended time sitting…

But particularly important for those with cardiovascular problems such as atherosclerosis.

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These experiments took place at the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK. The journal Physiology Reports published the findings.

Previous research found that breaking up prolonged sitting periods could prevent damage to arterial function.

“Breaking up prolonged sitting with physical activity breaks prevents conduit artery dysfunction.”

But those earlier studies did not identify the most effective practice for protecting the blood vessels.

“However, the optimal break strategy to achieve this, in terms of the frequency or duration of physical activity, is not known.”

This research tested a number of different strategies for protecting the circulatory system against damage caused by extensive sitting.

“This study assessed the effect of breaking up sitting with different physical activity break strategies on lower limb peripheral artery endothelial function.”

The study recruited ten men and five women. 

Each of the participants completed three different experiments.

In one experiment, the participants sat down for four hours without standing up at all.

In the second experiment, the participants walked for two minutes every half an hour.

In the final trial, the participants walked for eight minutes every two hours.

“The experiments were (1) uninterrupted sitting, (2) sitting with 2-min light-intensity walking breaks every 30 min,or (3) sitting with 8-min light-intensity walking breaks every 2 h.”

The researchers analyzed blood flow before and after each of the experiments.

“At baseline and 4 h, superficial femoral artery function (flow-mediated dilation), blood flow, and shear rate were assessed using Doppler ultrasound.”

Participants who took breaks from sitting every two hours for an eight-minute walk had improved blood flow.

“A significant effect was observed for the change in blood flow, finding greater reduction during the sitting without break trial compared to the eight minute walk trial.”

Sitting without breaks led to decreased blood flow in the lower extremities.

“Superficial femoral artery blood flow was reduced following uninterrupted sitting.”

The superficial femoral artery is a major blood vessel that supplies blood to the lower extremities.

 This blood vessel is also critical in atherosclerosis.

Blood flow to the superficial femoral artery was greatly improved when the participants took an eight-minute walking break every two hours.

“This decline in blood flow was prevented with longer duration, less frequent walking breaks rather than shorter, more frequent breaks.”

An eight-minute walking break every two hours is much more effective than a two-minute walking break every 30 minutes.

This study gives us important information about the best methods for protection from the damage caused by long sitting periods.

“The results suggest the dose, duration and frequency of physical activity may influence the prevention of sitting induced decreases in blood flow.”

In both experiments, the pace of walking was the same. 

The researchers describe the pace as a light-intensity walk.

The participants did their walking breaks on a treadmill set to 2.7-3.5 km/hr (1.7-2.2 mph).

Treadmills suitable for walking are pretty cheap these days. 

And, according to this study, they are a good investment for people who spend a lot of time sitting down.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about diagnosing and treating any health-related problems.

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Effect of different walking break strategies on superficial femoral artery endothelial function